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In my Blog post "Business Events in S/4HANA On Premise System: Trigger, Trace and Debug Custom Events: Part 2", I have covered how to enable Custom Events for Custom as well as Standard Change Pointers. In continuation to the same, in this blog post we will see how to enable Event Mesh for Custom Event which is Scenario 2 of my Blog post 1.


  • S/4HANA On Premise System 2020

  • BTP Service Event Mesh is Enabled

Configuring Event Mesh for S/4HANA On-Premise 2020 using Service Key is well covered by Syed Ejazuddin. Using Service Key; the configurations are simplified in S/4HANA2020 version. Once the Channel is activated; we can configure our Topic. The set up discussed in blog is based on our experience and what we followed to achieve this . After Configuring our Custom Topic, we were able to trigger the same in Event Mesh Queue in BTP.

SAP Supported scenarios by default are available in view V_BOEVENT or we can check the same in API Hub Or find under Topics F4 Help. We will be reusing Custom Class and Event we created in Part 2 . Case a is when the standard change pointer is available, but SAP hasn't given topic for Events yet like Fixed Assets. Case b is when you create both the custom change pointer and custom event.

Both cases will almost have the same configuration except that case a will require additional SWEC configuration as covered in Blog2.Also in SWE2 transaction you need to maintain the below configuration

Then add the custom scenarios ZZANLA (Case a) and ZZMATERIAL (Case b) in the topic

To configure our Custom Topic , we had to follow many configuration steps .Detailed steps for enabling Topic for the Custom scenario will be covered in Blog 4.

Once you have configured the topic and enabled the Queue in BTP ,trigger the event by either changing the Asset in transaction AS02 or from SWUE transaction to test if the event is getting triggered.

In SWEL transaction, you can see that our custom event for Asset Change has been triggered

In BTP Event Mesh Queue you will find the data for our Custom events. I have consumed the messages from TEST Option to see the data

Below is the message data for custom table changes(Case b) and fixed assets changes(Case a) respectively.

This way our custom events get enabled in BTP Event Mesh; when we tried this option there wasn't any Standard SAP Offering on the same. Now last week SAP has released ADD ON for Event Enablement for S/4HANA as well which will ease the set up for triggering Custom Events in BTP Event Mesh but then you will have two parallel approaches. Let's see what SAP has in their box with next On-Premise Release as Customers are looking for single stop solution for both standard and custom events.

In this Blog Post ; we have covered how the Event Mesh Queue is receiving data for both our Custom Events not supported by standard Topics .

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