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This document gives an overview and configuration aspects to Bulk storage Putaway Strategy.

In Bulk storage strategy the warehouse is divided into columns of single bins where multiple storage units are placed according to size and dimensions.

In the above example we can see that for our storage type 004 in warehouse XY2 we have bulk storage strategy. To enable this strategy we need to have the storage type 004 as SU managed, SUT check active , either ID point or Partial pallet enable in customizing along with defined 'total' in case of SU managed Warehouse

SPRO>IMG> Logistics Execution > Warehouse management > Strategies > Putaway Strategies >Define Strategy for Bulk Storage

Configuration Items :

a)Storage type 004 :

b)We need to define Bulk storage indicator which we will assign to material master.

SPRO>IMG> Logistics Execution > Warehouse management > Strategies > Putaway Strategies >Define Strategy for Bulk Storage

We have defined indicator 'BU' which we are assigning to Material TEST_BULK in WM1 view

And the stock placement indicator is BLK which refers to storage type 004 in the storage type search strategy.

c) Now we need to define Block structure where with respect to the first figure storage type 004 is having 3 Bins ,each bin has a capacity of 3*5=15 storage units of SUT 'IP' viz Industrial Pallet.

But prior to this setting we need to check if our warehouse is configured with correct SUT as IP and storage bin type settings in the below path.

SPRO>IMG> Logistics Execution > Warehouse Management>Strategies>Activate Storage Bin type Search

We have IP assigned to storage type 004 and E1 is the allowed Storage bin type. We need to assign the SUT in WM2 view in material master

We will now do the Block structure,

and we have created Storage bins A, B and C in storage type 004 with storage bin type E1.

Business Transactions:

a) Performing goods receipt with 501 movement. With respect to the configuration maintained in Material master WM2 view we will have 20 IP pallets

Create TO in foreground

System suggests the Pallet 's for each IP of  2 EA in storage bin A ,

Similarly for other 14 Pallets consuming 15*2=30 EA, rest 10 EA will now move into Storage bin B with other 5 pallets as shown below

save and confirm TO. We can see the WM stocks as

At bin level :

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