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With BSI Tax Factory 10.0 released and version 9.0 support ending on November 2014 we decided to implement Tax Factory 10.0. After installing the new version I did not realize that SAP/BSI has provided with portal version of TaxFactory GUI, I'm one of the probably many users who felt happy looking at the first sight of Tax Factory as a "Portal" instead of GUI which we all have been using for many years now. I have been requesting BSI to provide support for Mac OS TaxFactory GUI for many years. I have checked with support@bsi.com, scn BSI moderators. I have been always told that either research is going on or my request will be passed on to higher authorities or sometimes even asking me to install Parallel Desktops for Mac.

Anyhow today here we are with this portal for BSI TaxFactory GUI, I believe is an easy solution accessing by portal without having to access by GUI which is restricted to a particular Operating System.


1) BSI is properly installed by your BASIS team.

2) Make sure your BSI connection is working properly by running SAP provided utility program RPUBTCU0. Output of this report for reference is given at the end of this blog in "Additional Info" section.

BSI TaxFactory 10.0 Portal explained:

1.     You can quickly search for “What If Test” will give results as shown below.

2.     Click on Home, which will take you to Home Screen.

3.     MyBSI will take you www.mybsi.com portal as shown below.

4. "Jump To" selection will quickly help you navigate through various functionalities given by BSI. One example is "Unemployment Overrides" can be navigated through this section or can be quickly searched using "QuickLink Search".

5. This is a place where you can have Favorite Links as shown below. Click on "Define Favorite Links", Select required entries and sort by numbers provided.

6. Tax Codes here should be initially mapped to BSI Tax Codes or Custom Tax Codes. You can either select all Tax Authorities or only that are applicable to your company.

7. Almost all customers will go through this section "Unemployment Overrides" and "Optional Rate Overrides" to update ER Unemployment Tax Calculations which are based on Company experience rate. (Refer to "Procedure to update Unemployment Overrides" section).

8. In TaxFactory GUI we have always seen a prompt message to clear the messages. Here you can view and manage "Payroll Related Messages" directly.

Procedure to update Unemployment Overrides:

In this section I'm going to cover the procedure to update company experience rates/Unemployment Overrides in TaxFactory 10.0. This update process is fairly simple and self explanatory but I still see lot of customers have difficulty updating rates. So below are the steps for updating company specific rates.

Step 1: Make sure view V_BTXRATE is updated with your company experience rates.

Step 2: If you don't have a Tax Company yet, Please go a head and create a Tax Company. (I always try to match with Tax Company I create in SAP).

Step 3: Identify all "Tax Authorities" that are applicable to your company, have your "Company Specific Rates" and "Maximum Wage" ready.

Step 4: Login to new TaxFactory portal (Contact your BASIS for the link).

Step 5: Start updating rates as shown below.

--> Navigate to "Unemployment Overrides" as mentioned in the above section.

--> Click on the link shown below.

--> Enter the name of Tax Authority. BSI will automatically prompt authority based on the text you enter.

--> Enter Tax Type as shown below (Note that Unemployment shows only Tax Type 10, For other tax types overrides visit section "Optional Overrides").

--> Enter Formula as shown below.

--> Select start date and end date, Experience rate and Override Max Wage is option and is required only if it is different from BSI Wage (This is not common).

--> On saving the above entries. You will screen as shown below. Now you have successfully completed one unemployment overrides, Please go a head and complete for rest of the authorities applicable to your company.

--> You can always edit an entry by clicking on that entry.

--> One more functionality is "View PDF". You can download all your entries here in a PDF format which comes very handy.

Optional Overrides:

As mentioned above Optional Overrides are used for tax types other than "10 - Unemployment Tax". Optional Overrides are not very common and are only applicable to few states. Please see below screenshot for "Employee Workers Compensation Tax" Override we have done for state of Washington.

Additional Info:

Selection screen for report RPUBTCU0 is shown below.

BSI-TAX Calculation Test Output


Thank you for going through this blog and I hope the above information is helpful. Please refer to scn thread BSI Tax Factory 10.0 for any questions on TaxFactory 10.0 created by Graziela Dondoni.  There are many experts out there who can answer your questions.

Hint: For customers who already defined "Unemployment Overrides" and "Optional Overrides" in version 9.0. Ask your BASIS team to restore data from TaxFactory 9.0 which should automatically bring all entries.

Thank you,

Hemanth Jamithi.