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Have nice day for all  :smile:

Welcome to my Blog :smile:

Firstly i want to introduce my thanks to dev.patra   for inviting me ,I really appreciate this honor.

For those who are not aware of Blog It Forward Community Challenge  ,you can know more from  Blog It Forward Community Challenge .

About My self

My names is Nassar Fathy Nassar  26 years and live in Egypt , i am  the younger one on my family ,i live with my mother  . i play Greco-roman Wrestling and i love it as SAP .

I work at Toshiba-Egypt and I have been associated with Toshiba-Egypt since 2 years and half  as production Engineer after that i made Job rotation to  information System Engineer related to SAP system since 9 months  , now i study MM and PP to be consultant and My company Encourage me to be that by giving me a good training ,explicitly SAP system admire me and i looooveeeee  it more and i am happy that i am enjoying it.

My Education

i graduated from faculty of electronic engineering at 2010 as electronic and communication engineer

i take diploma in CCNA certification and Diploma at (Green belt) at SIX SIGMA

I pass TP/IE toshiba course Exam and now i am industrial Engineer certified from Toshiba Japan

My Professional Life

when i graduated from faculty i catch to Egyptian army for one year after that i work in camera installation for 6 months and 6month in telecommunication company in GPS FIELD

SINCE 11 2012 i hired to Toshiba

i thanks my teacher and my manager Eng.amira rashed amira.rashed who spends all of efforts to learn me

My photo's at my company TOSHIBA-EGYPT

my cool photo in my work

With Mr. Medhat Elaraby Toshiba egypt  GM  and Mr.satto

My photo's at SAP Egypt Event

these photos at sep 2014 SAP team attend Egypt Forum i spend the


My Photo with Wrestling memories

i play wrestling for 10 years and now i work as referee in Egypt

with karam gaber Egyption Hero

as referee in one of championship

About My country

i live in Egypt it is beautiful country and i love it and its civilization "pyramids ,Nile, Camel "

If you were 20 again,what would you study?

if i 20 years  i want to study SAP and business i loss many time to not study business

What is your professional life dream?

To be consultant in SCM

· What do you most enjoy on SCN?

The best thing is collective Doc Which reflect the efforts and experience of the SCN members

The next two questions are taken from Mr. dev.patra

1. What is my Ambition ?

To be SAP consultant

2. What is name of my best friend?


Blog Forward:

I would like to blog forward to












msansari i learned from him more and more

Thanks for spending your time to read about myself

Hope the readers like the blog. :smile:                

Please rate,like,comment... on the blog..

               

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