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This project started as SAP SMB Innovation Labs – IE Select APJ 2019 project. It started as a simple chatbot for a customer support system where customers can create issue tickets as a service call document on SAP Business One and check the status of their tickets. Further development has enabled the chatbot to retrieve real-time business reports and solution knowledge base from SAP Business One. We then decided to submit this solution for SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2020.

Read more about the challenge here.


BeOne Assistant Demo Video:



Submission Details

Solution Name:

BeOne Assistant

Solution Description:

BeOne Assistant is a chatbot targeted on customer service and support system which can accommodate issue ticketing, general inquiries (or Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs), and real-time reporting service. BeOne Assistant can be accessed from popular messenger platforms, i.e. Google Assistant, Line Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Slack or embedded on any website as an HTML iFrame.

Solution Use Case:

We use Google Dialogflow (previously known as API.ai) to create our chatbot. We use a customer support scenario from one of our existing customers which runs Internet Service Provider (ISP) business. The conversation intents that we developed revolve around:

  1. Customers reporting a problem with his internet connection. If the problem is categorized as general and is listed on the solution knowledge base, the chatbot can immediately give assistance on how to fix it. Otherwise, the chatbot will create an issue-ticket and create a service call document on SAP Business One.

  2. Customers checking the status of his issue tickets (open, on-progress, or solved/closed).

  3. Customers asking some general inquiries of the ISP's services and products.

  4. Manager requesting real-time business reports i.e. sales, top n customers, top n items.

To connect Google Dialogflow with SAP Business One, we created a NodeJS-based webhook server that translates detected intents into corresponding SAP Service Layer objects or XSJS.

Persona Identified:

Pain Points:

Solution Details:

Each messenger platform uses different and unique methods to integrate with Google Dialogflow. We use NodeJS as the framework for the webhook server and SAP HANA Service Layer and SAP HANA XSJS to communicate with the SAP Business One.

Solution Technology:

UI/UX Used: Google Assistant, Line Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, and any HTML5 web

Platform Technology Used: Google Cloud Platform, Beone cloud server

Latest Technology Used:

  1. Chatbot

Framework Used:

  1. Node JS

  2. SAP HANA Service Layer


  4. Google Dialogflow


  1. MySQL



Go-to-Market Strategy

Industry Focus: Customer Support, Management, Internet Service Provider

Marketing Strategy:

  1. Social Media Marketing

  2. Monthly Workshop

  3. Beone Channel Partners

Road Map:

Future development will include:

  1. A client-side web application to self-manage chatbot's agents so that customers do not need to access their Google Cloud Platform consoles directly. This also opens up possibilities of intent creation's approval, user's authorities, etc.

  2. Integration to even more messenger platforms.

Contact Information:

Partner: PT. Beone Optima Solusi

Country: Indonesia

Team Name: BeOne Intelligent Enterprise Team

Team Members: Ronnie Eko Prasetyo, Oki Wijaya, Yoseph Sunarli, Reza Stefano, Brian Billardo


The Challenge is a big chance for us, the first participating partner from Indonesia, to begin researching, investing, and exploring the fields of Intelligent Enterprise and Industry 4.0. We are really excited to keep submitting new solutions as we believe a lot of wild ideas about future technology and innovation can be delivered into real things starting right now.

For more information about the development challenge, you may refer to the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2020.
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