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From my point of view, there are 3 important settings when it comes about personalizing the Credit management module for our customers.

1. SSCUI 102104 Create Credit Segments

In a scenario with many company codes from different countries with different currencies, I prefer to create a credit segment for each company code and all of them update also the main segment.

2. SSCUI 101518 Define Automatic Credit Control

3. SSCUI 102623 Define Checking Rules

Here we can configure the percentage Maximum Percentage Rate of Overdue Open Items and Minimum period from which the open items are overdue.For all the credit segments, our customer requirement is: the credit check is negative if at least 80 percent of all open items have been overdue for at least 5 days.

How the system behaves when we have overdue open items:

1. The customer risk class is medium, and we have overdue open items (80% more than 5 days).

When we save a sales order, we get the message:

This message is a warning message and the sales order can be saved but can not be used for a goods delivery until it will not be released.

2. The customer risk class is high, and we have overdue open items (80% more than 5 days).

When we try to save the sales order, we will get the error message:

The same type of messages will be displayed when the credit limit will be reached.