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The purpose of batch class conversion is to allow us to change the assignment of a material subject to batch management and its batches to a batch class. The existing characteristic value assignments remain the same. The batch class is assigned to the class type 022 or 023, depending on the batch definition level.

Menu-path: Logistics -> Central Functions -> Batch Management -> Tools -> Bath Class Conversion


Step 1: Go to transaction BMCHCL

Step 2: Click the button “Create new Conversion”. In the “Batch Class Conversion: Details” pop-up window enter the details like Conversion Text, Conversion date. In the material section, enter the list of material and the new batch class that will replace the existing one.

Click the enter button. We can see the old class (non-editable) name. Click the Save button. The conversion gets saved.

Step 3: Release the Conversion: Selected the conversion created and click the Release button.

In the "Release Conversion" pop-up confirm the release. The conversion gets released.

Step 4: Execute Conversion:

Select the Release conversion and click the execute button.

Confirm the execution.

Check the final status of the conversion. They should be completed without any error.

Verification: Go to transaction MM03 and in the classification view check the batch class assigned. We can also verify the same using batch information cockpit (BMBC).

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