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  • To Generate Bank File in SAP Business One, First Open SAP Business One Client From our Desktop.
  • To Open Payment Wizard Use The Path
  1. Modules à Banking à Payment Wizard.
  • Click Next from the screen to start the bank file generation process .

  • STEP:1

In step1 we can select New Payment run (or) Load saved payment run.

Load saved payment run means we can use already executed payment run.

  • Click On Next Button in the bottom to go to Step2.
  • In Step2, we can select payment type and payment means.
  • After selecting the required fields we can click on next button to go to step3.

  • Step:3
  • In step 3, we can select the Business partner code range by entering details in from & to Boxes.
  • After Entering Business partner code we have to click on “Add to List” Button to add Business partner code to Table.
  • Also we can select specific Business partner by using check box in the first column of the table.
  • After Entering Proper Details, we can click next button to go to step4.
  • Step:4
  • In Step4, we have to enter Due date as mandatory, and also we can select specifications.
  • After entering details in step4, we have to Select Next button from bottom of the screen to go to step5.
  • Step : 5

  • In Step 5, we have to select the G/L Account for the bank from which we want to pay by using check box in the first column.
  • After selecting the account in the step 5, we have to click to go to step 6.
  • Step : 6
  • In Step 6, we can filter the business partner by using the check box in first column.
  • Also we can check the details of the payment by clicking “Expand All” button.
  • After checking all details, we have to click on the next button to go to step7.
  • Step:7
  • In Step 7, we have to select Specific process for save the file, by selecting the options in step 7.
  • After that we have to click on the next button to go to step 8.
  • After Clicking next one popup window will open, here we have to click “yes” to execute the payment wizard.
  • After clicking yes, another window will open like “Payment wizard has been executed successfully”, here click “ok” to generate the bank file.
  • STEP:8
  • To generate the bank file click on the Bank File button in the bottom.
  • After Clicking on bank file button, we will get “payment engine” Popup Window.

  • In this payment engine window we have to select the button called “Create Files” at the bottom to create payment bank file.
  • After run the payment engine it will generate bank file.
  • From Created Files tab in the payment engine we can know the path of the created file.
  • Bank file is created by using Payment Wizard.
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