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  1. 1.       Goto transaction SE19 for creating implementation for BADI definition QISR1.
    Enter BADI definition as QISR1 and click on Create Implementation
  2. 2.       On resulting popup, enter implementation name (say ZDEMO_QISR1) and press enter.
  3. 3.       On next screen, maintain description for Implementation.
  4. 4.       Since QISR1 is a filter dependent BADI, in implementation attributes, click on 'Insert Row' button to add scenario for which this BADI should execute
  5. 5.       A row is inserted in 'Defined Filters' section. Select your custom scenario from F4 help popup.
  6. 6.       This implementation will only get executed for scenarios listed in 'Defined Filters' section. After selecting our custom scenario, following screen is presented.
  7. 7.       Click on Tab 'Interface'. This BADI uses interface IF_EX_QISR1. Name of Implementing Class is automatically defaulted. If you want, you can change the same.
  8. 8.       Click on Save Button. In ECC 6 system, you'll get a popup asking for assigning implementation to Enhancement Implementation.
    If you already have a Enhancement Implementation, you can assign ZDEMO_QISR1 to thatelse you can create new Enhancement Implementation. In our case, we'll create new enhancement implementation.
    On popup, we'll click on create button.
  9. 9.       Another popup shows up asking for Enhancement Implementation name and description along with Composite Enhancement Implementation name.
    Since we don't have any Composite Enhancement, we'll create a new one.
  10. 10.   In popup, enter description for composite enhancement and press enter.
  11. 11.   Assign package and transport request to composite enhancement and enhancement implementation.
    Our created enhancement implementation shows up in the list. Select it and press enter.

    12.   Activate implementation ZDEMO_QISR1.

Function Modules for Personnel Change Request



This function module returns all data related to specific notification/request input parameter is notification number.



This function module returns all requests details created by specific employee/user e.g. all request/notification numbers etc., input parameter is syname of employee/user.



This function module returns all general data related to specific notification/request input parameter is notification number.



Function module return scenario code from notification number.



This function module return all fields defined for specific scenario, scenario name is input for this FM.



This Functional Module returns for display form



This Functional Module returns for mail to manager



This Functional Module returns for maintain hr master data



This Functional Module returns for display hr master data