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Our first customer to try and pay their employees with the standard DME process after applying the September support package was up for an unpleasant surprise. Not only did they run into an error blocking all paymens, but the error message was also confusing, because it suggested an issue in table T012 and T012K, which wasn’t the real reason at all.

The reason for the error is a new authorisation check introduced by SAP in the DME program with the September packages. As customers are now applying the latest synchronisation packages or year end updates, more and more or them are hitting this problem. It affects payments in each country – we’ve seen it in the UK, France and Germany to name but a few.

It is quite easy to rectify the issue, once you know the reason: Just add the authorisation object F_BNKA_BUK for the company codes affected to the role for the user running the DME. Read only is enough:

You should NOT wait until you hit the error in production. Act pro-actively to avoid a data inconsistency, where the status of payments is set to “paid” in payroll, but the actual payment hasn’t happened. Of course, you can deal with that situation, but it’s not what you want to happen in a life payroll process, if you can avoid it. So, best to review your roles now and run a test for each company code.

To learn more about this particular change, check SAP note 2023449.

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