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Introduction :

The other day, when trying to understand a situation wrt confirmations in various  processes, I came across many notes on "Av. Chk" functionality. This post complies all such notes on "Av. Chk".

Desc SAP Notes #
FAQ: Result of ATP calculation 547118
FAQ: Customizing the ATP in R/3 547512
FAQ: Product allocation in R/3 607036
FAQ: Delivery units during the Av.Chk. 548779
FAQ: ATP check & confirmed qtys of STOs 766475
FAQ: Reqmnts in SD  & delivery 547277
FAQ: Returns processing, reqts. &  ATP 606282
FAQ: Schedule line overview & ATP 547508
FAQ: Correlation &delivery groups in SD 546965
FAQ: Shipment & transport scheduling in R/3 547961
Process flow of route schedule 146829
FAQ: Local ATP from CRM 682613
ATP server: Installation and sizing 99999
SDRQCR21: Recovery of sales & delivery reqmts 25444
Explanatory notes on ATP Customizing (for production orders) 321803
Consulting: Av.Chk against planning 622299
FAQ: Av. Chk  in purchasing 498149
FAQ: Confirmation function in R/3, confirmation schedule lines 548510
Replenishment dely from STO: Spl features 842829
Rounding problem results in different confirmations 873606
No confirmation despite available quantity/stock 89362
Av. Chk  perform. in batch determination 86786
ATP collective Av. Chk performance 84185
Production order has no effect on availability 73780
CO27: no availability check 48900
Batch assignment & Av. Chk 456764
Collective Av. Chk  for collective orders 433362
Bulk mat. & discontinued parts proced./alternatives procg 429895
Reqts. qty for discontinued materials incorrect 392789
COMAC/COHV:Collectve Av. Chk not carried out 361778
Alternative strategy 2 w/o  complete availabilty 338848
Modif.: Deactivating cumulation '3' for prod. order 338075
Modification: Planned order conv. & cumulation 3 338051
Explanatory notes on the ATP Customizing 321803
Coll. Av.Chk.: Termination when you lock 317329
Collective Av.Chk.doesn't execute check 204838
Modif.: Performance improvement :Av.Chk 188570
Performance improvement for Av.Chk 188399
Modif:Cllctive Av.chk aftr bckrder prcessng 182449
Modifcation: Av.Chk  after BO prssing 174272
Performance 15307
CO28: Batch input not possible in the B/G 145895
Deactivate availability check for performance areas. 133561
Modif.:D.box f.Missing prts also during Call Trans. 127658
Order component: Non-supported combinations 125364
Controlling the results of the Av.Chk 123500
Confirmed qty/date returned by Av.Chk 114100


Hope, the above is handy & helpful.


Thank you


Sumanth Gururaj
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