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The following blog post is a submission for SAP Business One SEED Development Challenge.



Automotive Cloud   Solution Demo Video:


Submission Details

Solution Name:

Automotive Cloud Mobile - Mobile Vehicle Reception

Solution Description:

With Xioma Automotive Cloud, dealerships and importers have a robust and future-proof solution that utilizes the industry’s best practices.

The solution addresses the needs of multiple automotive segments and based on the “3S” approach the Sales, Service & Spare Parts. Designed for all sectors of the automotive business. Dealerships & importers, Fleets, rent & lease, repair shops & parts wholesalers.

With hybrid architectural design, allowing on premise and on demand access by SAP Business one clients and the Automotive Add-on and mobile access by the loosely coupled web apps that can be access from anywhere and any device.


Solution Use Case

Real Customer Use-case:

Mobile vehicle reception

Modern repair shop requires to digitize the vehicle reception, to have it paperless and to be able to access data while standing near the vehicle, in the field or even from the customer home or office. With the Automotive Cloud solution the vehicle reception process can be done from anywhere with any device. the solution covers the repair shops requirements with the following functionality:

  • Simplified customer and vehicle identification by photo taking (image recognition technology)

  • Full vehicle data and history

  • Comprehensive documentation of the vehicle status (e.g. damages, inventory, readings etc.)

  • Realtime information about the vehicle open activates, recalls, periodic maintenance, postponed procedures etc.

  • Quick and powerful service content builder

  • High transparency toward the customer about what needs to be done and the associated cost.

  • On the spot service quotation generation and customer digital approval/signature

The mobile vehicle reception main actor (user) is the repair shop service advisor. His role is to perform the reception dialog with the customer and to identify what needs to be done. The Automotive Cloud mobile vehicle reception app supports this process in a very powerful and robust way that covers all needs end to end.

The mobile vehicle reception can be done for known/existing customers and vehicles or for occasional customers/vehicles. in some cases the service process can be pre ordered and scheduled and in other cases it starts when the service advisor approaches the customer.

The vehicle reception basic flow –

  1. Existing customer and vehicle identification by vehicle picture taking or by textual search

  2. Service general data collected

  3. Vehicle inventory checklist and damages marking is performed

  4. Overview of pending actions for the vehicle (e.g. – recalls, open actives etc.)

  5. Enter customer concerns and add relevant service content (parts, labors, oil, service packages etc.)

  6. Generate service quote (once all information is available)

  7. Get customer approval and signature on the reception summery report/Service Quote

Common extensions the use case-

  • Continuing an interrupted reception process that stopped in the middle

  • Reception for unknown customer/vehicle and reception for pre order scheduled service.

  • Manual identification of the customer and vehicle.


Persona Identified:



Pain Points:



Solution Details:

The Automotive Cloud
Powered by SAP B1 on HANA the Automotive cloud covers on top of the standard ERP functionality the common DMS process such as vehicles sales/service/warranty/s.parts etc.

In addition, the Automotive cloud includes comprehensive functionality for online, anywhere, any device vehicle service, digital presence and much more.

The Automotive Cloud is a loosely coupled solution from its roots that allows the customer to run SAP B1 installations anywhere (local/hosted/cloud). The Automotive Cloud connects to the SAP B1 only by the Service Layer and provides access from anywhere in a HTML5 responsive interface.

Our hybrid solution approach provides to the mobile and light users access from anywhere and any device just by logging in to the Automotive Cloud, while the back-office users will keep using the known SAP B1 Client and our Automotive Add-on.

Each customer in the Automotive Cloud is defined as a Tenant. The tenant admin console enables the customer/partner to control the users, license allocation, manage the roles/views/workflows of the apps, define connections to SAP B1 instances and supporting in a simple way the deployment and upgrade of the solution on the B1.

By Following the loosely coupled and hybrid approaches the Automotive Cloud customers and partners benefits lower costs and drives the business agility.


Solution Technology

Based on HTML5 with responsive design the apps support 3 major breakpoints – Web browsers, Tablet and Phablets

The technology stack includes -

  • node.js web server

  • responsive react for the UI.

  • Node.js express framework for the backend and XAS API

  • Machine learning library is used for the Vehicle identification provided by openAPLR api

  • The Automotive cloud hosted on AWS and deployed on Linux server with Docker engine. Leveraging the Docker containerized technology makes it simple to deploy and scale the customer tenants

  • Field agent's location supported by Google Maps – by using the google map api the app can visualize the agents locations on the map and retrieve the time to their destination and etc.



Go-to-Market Strategy

Industry focus:


By Segments By Organization Types

  • Passenger Vehicles

  • Agriculture Equipment

  • Construction Equipment

  • Trucks & Commercial vehicles

  • Motorcycles & powersports

  • Marin Equipment


  • Dealers & importers/ Vehicle Retails

  • Repair shops

  • Fleet Management

  • Leasing & Rent

  • ·Spare Parts wholesalers



Marketing strategy:

The marketing strategy is to work through an indirect channel based on selected partners in various countries.

Xioma will seek to recruit Automotive players as partners as well, in such cases the partner will eventually need to become an SAP partner as well

The partners will resell the Automotive cloud platform on top of selling the SAP Business One licenses.

A top down approach will support large scale automotive customer with global / local deployment strategy.

A major factor in the go to market approach is the cloud approach accompanied with pre-defined processes that will ease the partner's enablement process and will allow faster time to value for the end customers



Contact Information

Partner: Xioma Automotive Solution - Partner and Certificated value add reseller of SAP Business One

Team Name: Xioma Automotive

Team Members: Eyal Beck, Guy Levy and Anna Inbal

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