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Hi Friends,

Recently i got a chance to work on one interface where PO is required to be sent to Third Party System. This transmission was done through IDOC. In this blog, i will show you the manual steps to generate IDOC for PO and also Automatic settings.

Note - In this blog i have shown example for specific vendor 1234. But in Partner profile setup i have used LogitechSYS. Difference is explained in detail in later steps.

For videos of all my blogs, please click on below link.


Below is the scope of this blog.

  1. Manual Steps for IDOC generation for PO

  2. Automatic IDOC generation for PO.

  3. NACE Configuration.

  4. Partner Profile Configuration - WE20

  5. IDOC Extension

IDOC Generation

  1. Manual IDOC Generation

Go to ME23N. Open purchase order. You can see Messages Tab. Click on that button.

If you see below IDOC is already Created. Status is green. It means IDOC generation is completed. But how is this done. First, I will explain you manual process from PO. Then I will take you to MN05 to make settings for automatic generation

Make PO in Change mode and come to below screen. Enter fields for yellow line as shown below. Click on Further Data. If you see the Function it is VN. Why VN is selected and what is the difference between VN and LS?

  • VN is selected when PO is to be sent to specific vendors. For e.g. you have 1000 plus vendors and only 10 vendors to be provided PO through IDOC than Use VN.

  • LS is selected when PO is transmitted to third party System. For e.g. your organization is using third party software to create POs, than configure system under LS. POs for all vendor will be created through this setting.

Select the option as shown below and come back.

Click on Save button.

After saving, click on Messages and see below line. Its green. Click on processing log.

Idoc number is displayed. Copy that idoc number and go to WE02. It will be generated.

2. Automatic Generation

Go to MN05. Provide output type and Press Enter. Now question is where this output type is comes from? It comes from NACE transaction code. MM consultants can guide you through this process.


You will have multiple option. I have created for 1st option but prefer 2nd one. Keep it very simpler.

Provide details as below and execute.

Provide below inputs and save. Now you will be able to generate IDOC automatically when PO is saved.

Below screenshot is for LS Function


Nace Configuration

Now let us understand from where values in below screenshots are coming. There are 3 values you can see

  • ZPO

  • VN or LS (Not in screenshot, but in above screenshot)

  • Partner

Go to Transaction code NACE. Click on EF as shown below screenshot. Click on Output types.

Click on Output types and click on New Entries. This is already configured so ‘New Entries’ Won’t Appear.

Click as shown in screenshot and select your languages. Just do F4 and select. Its standard

Click on Processing Routines and select the entries.

Click on Partner function. And maintain the entries. You can select your own entries. 

Click on Procedures. You will see below screen. Select the line as shown below. 

Click on Control. Click on New Entries and Select EDI Purchase order. Give the Step number.

Note – After this configuration you will be able to see the ZPO entry in MN05.


Partner Profile Configuration

Go to WE20. See below screen. We have created the Partner profile. This is must for Idoc Configuration. If this is not done, idoc will fail.

  • If you see on left, there is Partner LogitecSYS. There are multiples but we have created Partner LogitecSYS. This is the 3rd party system

  • Partner number = LogitechSYS. This comes from BD54.

  • Partner type = LS. Means it is sent to third party system instead of specific Vendor. It is System specific.

  • Type = is nothing but in case of error in idoc, who will be notified. We have selected S means work center.

  • Agent will be provided by Basis team.

  • Language is your choice.

  • Outbound Parameters – See Next slide.

  • Outbound Parameters –

    • Message Type - ORDERS

    • Message function - XML

    • Receiver port – Basis will Provide this value

    • Pass Idoc Immediately -tick this.

Cancel Processing after syntax error – Check this box.

Put information as shown below. ME10 is nothing but instruction to system as to which document is to be converted to IDOC.

IDOC Extension

Suppose your idoc does not have required field to send to third party, how will you get this in IDOC. For e.g., Cost Center. So you can use the Extension functionality. Generally, this is done by technical team. You just need to tell the technical team for your requirement, and they will get this field in the IDOC. I will take you through the steps of extension so that when you get a task, it would be easy for you.

  • WE30 is the tcode for creating extension. This is created by ABAP team. Just click on display and you will see the details.

Below are the options where you can add the field. You need to provide appropriate line to add the field.

If you see below screenshot, you can see the GL, Cost Center etc are added.

Now you go to WE20 and modify your Partner no. If you see below the extension field, you need to assign your newly created extension here. Post that your additional details will be seen in IDOC.

I hope you liked this document.



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