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In every Project you have worked or will work you will get this Error Message.

"You are not Authorized to use this Transaction Code"

General procedure after that if you have worked with SAP before, you will take a SU53 Transaction Code dump and send it to SAP Security Team or you create a Ticket/Request in your Requesting System.

If you do not know you bug the IT Department and they will tell you to do the above. For a long time I thought this thing need to stop. The solution below can help you to solve this issue by the most Sophisticated Technology SAP had and still has which is SAP Workflow. I am bragging about it as I am a SAP Workflow Consultant trying to learn little by little:)


First Login to SAP System.

In this Example I am using a Transaction Code


for which I am not Authorized as mentioned below.


Click on Help


Now click on Technical Information as mentioned below

Note down the Message Class and ID

Go To Transaction Code SWUY


Select Start

Provide the Area as Message Class and Message as Message Id we got from the Authorization Error.

After this Hit Continue

Click Complete


Workflow is generated and you give some meaningful information to Identify the Workflow Template. Please Save it


Now Click Workflow Builder

Right Click as mentioned below and Hit Create

Select Decision Task as mentioned below.



Provide the below Information as mentioned

Now Press Activate to Activate the Workflow.

Now is Testing Time.

Execute same Transaction code.

You get the Error message and now you hit Help Button.

Now click on Workflow Icon


This Triggers our Workflow Approval. Ideally you will have different Role/User who will Approve the Different Transaction Codes.


This can be used in both SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA


Below is the Video version