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This document helps in creating serial numbers for huge quantities.

Case Scenario: While confirming the Outbound Delivery / Production Task Confirmation for the serialized products  for huge quantities (1000 Each).

Create New Label  in the Production Task Confirmation

  1.         WoC: Production Task--> Task Control - select the production task and Click Confirm


2.         Create New Label


3.      Assign Label Type as "Serialized Product" In General tab


4.            Enter the format for generating the Serial Numbers  Valid Format: " &+ YYY{XXX} " Where "YYY" is  Variable and Optional and "XXX" is Variable


5. And Press  Enter , Serial Numbers gets assigned  based on the number of quantities required


6.   Click  Create Serial Numbers


7.         Click Save


Serial Number  has created for the serialized product in the production process.  While making Outbound delivery this serial number will be assigned in the Labels

The above steps has to follow for the outbound process like Pick task , Outbound deliveries etc.... in the Outbound Logistics WoC

Labels in this area