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I got a client Requirement to map Attendance Allowance. It is the part of IT8 component.

Requirement is those employee will present 15days and above on that calendar month, they are eligible for Attendance Allowance.

The Amount will be calculated on the basis of Actual working days. Attendance allowance Amount is Rs. 40. It will multiply by Actual working days.

  1. Example.

In April month Employee attendance is 100% he will get

Attendance Allowance= 26*40=1040 (26 is the ACTUAL WORKING DAYS and 40 is the Amount)

In May month Employee attendance is 100% he will get.

Attendance Allowance = 27*40=1080 (27 is the Actual working days and 40 is the Amount)

Employee took 16days leave he will not get Attendance allowance.

Solution in SAP



Processing class 10- Specification 6

PCR- ZNP1 modify

Payroll  Run

Here the Amount comes Attendance Allowance Wage type 100G=1040 (26*40) 26 is the Actual working days 40 is the Amount which i set in IT8.

For the Month of May. 100G=1080 (27*40) 27 is the Actual working days.

12Days Leave Without PAY. So Attendance Allowance 100G= 600 (15*40)

27 is the Actual working days, 12 is the LWP.

RT Table.

Present Below 15 days. Attendance Allowance should be 0.

LWP-14 Days

RT Table.

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