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Business requirement: -

Every business wants to track their direct or in-direct expenses to level of detail that can help them for better planning and execution.

Cash discount is one of the expenses which Business generally wants to track by customer so as to include the same in Customer P/L. The Cash discount resulting from Payment terms should ideally have customer as a COPA characteristic for it to be viewed in Customer P&L.

This blog guides one to understand on how to achieve the customer number as a COPA characteristic automatically while applying cash discount during F-28 or lockbox or Electronic Bank Statement processing.

This solution allows the COPA characteristics to be inherited for payment terms cash discount from original invoice document which can either be from FI Invoice (DR) or Billing Invoice (RV) document.

SAP Note 1652002 - CO account assignmts/customer fields as doc splitting chars HERE  speaks about bringing - CO account assignments/customer fields as one of the splitting Characteristics in new GL accounting by adding the PAOBJNR as one of the characteristics for CO under IM activity Financial Accounting->General Ledger Accounting->Business Transactions->Document Splitting->Define Document Splitting Characteristics for Controlling.

CO Split Characteristics

Once the above-mentioned settings get are configured, system considers the Profitability Segment as one of the splitting characteristics at the time of document post.

With the above settings, when any customer invoice gets posted, revenue G/L line item’s Prof. Segment splits the Customer line item based as one of the Split characteristics in CO and table FAGL_SPLINFO gets updated.

But this is not only the thing that can help you to achieve the requirement in all possible scenarios. Here we talk about two different Scenarios of Customer Invoice posting i.e. one is direct FI invoice using DR document type and another as Billing Customer invoice using RV document type.

Another Pre-requisites as RV, DR and DZ document types should have proper Business Transaction assigned for Document splitting as below: -

Document Split Business Transaction assignment to Doc. Types

Also, it not required for Cash discount GL account to be updated in OKB9 with profit Segment active

CO splitting characteristics have table associated FAGL_SPLIT_FIELD which directs what all scenarios and accounts these characteristics get assigned at the time of document posting.


Let’s see the system behavior in both the scenario as how the CO assignments get copied to payment document of two different types of customer invoice posting: -

Scenario 1: FI Customer Invoice “DR Type”

BSEG table update where Rev. Line items have Prof Segments associated to it: -

CO document

FAGL_SPLINFO table update after Invoice posting with two different Prof. Segment for Customer Recon GL code

ACDOCA update for Invoice document: -

Incoming Payment Document Posting using F-28 for Invoice 1800000022: -

As we can clearly see that Cash Discount expense line item get split into two different line of 20 USD and 10 USD total to 30 USD because of two different Prof.Segment characteristics inherited from Source document invoice. Both the Line items will have same CO assignments as Source Invoice document into Payment document.

ACDOCA Table update: -

Same COPA characteristics get inherited in Payment document from source document i.e. invoice against the cash discount account

Hence the Scenario 1 of Direct FI invoice posting successfully passed with above suggested solution from SAP Note 1652002


Scenario 2: Customer Billing Invoice “RV Type”, Billing Document transfer to FI: -

The BSEG update with blank Prof.Segment against Rev line item which is SAP standard behavior because of which you will not find the Prof Segment field active in entry view for RV document

This is just because of summarization settings done in OBCY under Application VBRK for Billing Document where the BSEG PAOBJNR filed is summarized.

Refer SAP Note # 2631941

Remove the above entry from table and post the Billing document and check the BSEG behavior

OBCY after change

New Billing doc posting: -

BSEG table update:-

Let’s take look to FAGL_SPINFO table: -

As we can see now the FAGL_SPLINFO table as Customer line item split into different line items with Prof Segment number associated to it that will inherit the CO assignment at the time of Payment Document postings in Cash discount Line item.

Payment Document Posting F-28


The update of these COPA characteristics in Cash discounts expense GL line items gives the detailed view of GL line-item display report with Customer code attached to it that helps business in internal reporting and planning based on different Customer and their market segments.



The above blog help us to achieve the most common business requirement of charging off Cash Discounts to Customer code at the time of F-28 as SAP Standard out of the box functionality in Account based COPA with minimum Config change and does not require any enhancement. At the end the payment document will derive the same COPA characteristics as of source document i.e. billing/Invoice.

Thanks for reading, your valuable feedback or thoughts in the comment section is appreciated!




Best Regards,

Shefali Yadav

Company : Dickinson + Associates

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