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Taxes were forced to the audit file of the external tax system

Reason and Prerequisites
You may want to re-send the SAP invoice document to Sabrix audit data base because of the following reasons.

  • SAP TRFC queue and QRFC queue got stuck and no document been posted to Sabrix.
  • One of the invoice documents stuck in the TRFC or QRFC queue, because of this other documents waiting on the queue.
  • Different tax amount in the SAP vs Sabrix audit because of the RFC_FORCE_TAXES_DOC been called to force the tax amount to Sabrix audit because of consistency check fail (OSS note 674649).
  • Other reasons which result in document exist in SAP but not in Sabrix audit data base.

Please follow the following 5 steps.

1) Identify the tax docs that need to be re-sent to Sabrix: Run the standard SAP report "RFYTXDISPLAY."

Enter the date range or any other criteria to identify the documents which are not in Sabrix audit.

List all the documents that are failed to update to the Sabrix audit data base.

2) Identify the external tax document for above selected  documents from ETXDCH table.

  • Go to SE16N and type ETXDCH table name
  •   Enter the invoice document number on reference doc field and execute.

  • For an example we have shown only one document, you may have multiple documents, if so you can use the More option to load the text file which has all the missing documents.

3) Run  Sabrix custom program, Y_SABRIX_UPDATE_ETXDCH2 (enclosed within OSS note 216364_ModifiedCode.txt) to update tax docs flags in table ETXDCH.

Enter the list of tax docs in the selection which are identified in step #1 above. and Execute.

Result will show you the successful message.

4) Run the SAP program RFYTXUPDATE with a list of tax docs selected in step #2.

Enter the external document number or other input fields.

If you select “Display list of all results”, then program will shows the request has been scheduled.

Then it shows that the documents are successfully sent to Sabrix.

5) Run SAP report RFTYTXDISPLAY to look at the status of re-sent docs: If there is a green light, then they have been sent to Sabrix.

Enter the list of documents that you updated on step#3.

Check the status and look for the green button. if the status shows green then this is successfully updated to Sabrix.

6) Go to Sabrix Reports and look for the SAP documents.

Related Notes
Note 674649 - What are the reasons for 'Forced' Update?
Note 216364 - Blocked queue / No update to external tax system


Amit Gupta

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