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A Contract request is a project to request the creation of Contract.

Contract Requests are projects to initiate your company’s formal contract process, specifically to request the creation of a Contract in SAP Ariba.

Purpose of this blog is to create and manage contract request and to initiate your Contract process and provide background information.

.To achieve this, we have to go with following steps:

  1. Process Overview

  2. What’s Changing

  3. Creating a Contract Request


  1. Process Overview:

  • Non-Licensed users can create Contract Requests, allowing business users to get involved in the process.

  • Header Fields collect information about the potential project to help reviewers/approvers decide if they should move forward with the project and reduce the burden to populate the Contract.

  • Tasks provide direction to requestors and reviewers/approvers and ensure that the process is followed. It is used to analyze request and approve.

  • Documents capture expected event content and provide a Contract placeholder. It is also known sub projects added after approval.

  • Team can be copied from Contract Request to resulting project.

  • Templates supports various business processes – Contract.Process Overview:


  1. What’s Changing:

  • Internal team members create contract request for new and amendments which are reviewed by leadership team.

  • Contract request data is used for Contract workspace; Need not start from scratch.


3. Creating a Contract Request:

  • Click Create from the Common Actions panel of the dashboard

  • Click on Contract Request

  • The Create Contract

Request page opens



  • Enter Name

  • Select Yes or No for

  • Test Project

  • Select Term Type.



  • Enter Effective Date & Expiration Date

  • Select Request Type & Contract Type.

  • Enter Renewal Term

  • Select Segmentation, Risk,Spend Type, Commodity,Regions, Departments,Division.


  • Choose the Contract Request Template.

  • Click on Create to open Contract Request page.



  • Go to Tasks

  • Choose Mark Started for Provide Requirements, Supporting Documentation Task.

  • Status changes to In Progress



  • Choose Mark Complete for Provide Requirements Supporting Documentation and

  • Status changes to Complete


  • . Execute Approve Contract Request Task.

  • Click on Submit.




  • Contract Agent will choose



  • Click on Ok.




  • System will create Contract Workspace Document reference to Contract Request.



By above scenario now you got an idea how to create and manage the Contract Request. Even though it’s an internal process contract users can create the request to achieve the contract workspace document for their business goal.

Thanks for your patience to read my blog and give your valuable feedback

Thanks and Regards,

Ajitabh BISOI
















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