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Appropriation Request - Archival process

I have posted some queries regarding archival of appropriation request , I did get some replies, but was unsuccessful in my attempt , since no clear directions , how to archive was not there. I take this opportunity to thank those people made me to attempt the archival process of Appropriation Request. I tried and succeeded in doing the process. Hence I thought , to document these steps in this forum , so that this will be useful for our members.

Step :1  Check if all the appropriation requests have status of Technically completed and closed : Transaction code  IMR6    :

Step 2: If the status is not as seen above, Set deletion flag manually Transaction code IMA11. Before marking deletion please ensure to remove manually the investment program and  position id . If failing to do so, you will end up in a error shown below.

Step 3: After successfully completing both the above steps - Execute Transaction IM_LKZS

Output of Step 3

Now we are ready for the archival of appropriation request that are set deletion indicator successfully.

Beginning of Archival;  Transaction Code : SARA

Enter "APPREQUEST"  as archiving object and click WRITE

Enter the variant Name and click maintain and select the check box and radio button as shown and choose continue

Next screen -  Select Archive and click Attributes, enter description and save - it takes you to back to variant screen - save once again the values of the variant ZARDEL_21041A

select once again Archive and delete and save  and choose     back arrow takes to the archive administration  screen below  

Click start date

Select immediate and save

Click spool parameters of the archive administration screen and fill in all your parameters as per your need. e.g:  time of print, print priority, output device etc.and save now you can see both start date and spool parameters lights are Green - Press execute  and you will see a message new archive job scheduled

Choose job overview 4 from left to see the job

Choose Logs to see the statistics of the records archived and deleted -

    Record set to Deletion status are archived and deleted. Now to see the Archived Records use Transaction code "SARI" archive explorer .

   Input the AR's that has been archived

  Output list of the above step

   Select Disp. Approval Request

   Hope this will helpful. Request others members to feel free and modify if required.

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