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In this blog post, you will learn about a solution that has been developed for the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2020.

It feels like we were in a euphoric state when we found out that we will be doing a project like this. Taking part in an era of disruptive technologies is something we were merely dreaming ever since we started our career in technology- it feels as if a once distant future is close to reality.

MultiServe App- a lease management solution- has always been our dream project. We’ve always wanted to give the best to our clients- and one way to do that is by enhancing the mobility features of our Real Estate projects.


MultiServe Solution Demo:

Challenge Submission

Solution Name:

Lease Management Solution - SAP Business One plus APPTech’s MultiServe APP

Solution Description:

The MultiServe APP aims to simplify the Statement of Account (SOA) preparation by applying Machine Learning- Scene Text Recognition (STR) to capture the Utilities Consumption per unit.

The MultiServe App electronically converts the photo image of a water and electricity reading into a machine encoded text. The app integrates to SAP Business One’s utilities consumption user defined table and then calculates the Utilities consumption for the month. The Fixed Monthly Charges plus the Utilities for the month will then form part of the SOA.

The MultiServe APP also aims to enhance the tenant experience by using the Service module that will allow them to create and track their maintenance requests anytime and anywhere making their engagement with the engineering and admin simpler and better.


Solution Use Case

Real Customer Use-case:

N/A On going project

Persona Identified/Pain Points:

The process of gathering the Utilities Consumption and Billable Services to the tenants is very time-consuming. It involves maintaining the prior month’s utilities reading and providing the current month’s reading to determine the consumption for the month. The said process involves manual recording to a log book while performing the reading and then transferring the data to an excel file to generate the SOA. The solution is to apply machine learning to facilitate a fast, easy and accurate Utilities Reading per unit.

The next challenge is the printing of SOA and the distribution to each unit which adds time to the collection process and consumes office supplies. The solution is that notices should be paperless and unit tenants should be able to receive alerts and access their SOA online.

On providing services to the tenants, there should be a portal or an app that will allow them to request for maintenance and also track the progress of their requests.

The Lease Management Solution will have the following features:

  • Access anytime, anywhere where you manage all property information ( buildings, units), tenants, lease agreements (contracts, terms), maintenance requests, Statement of Accounts, Notices

  • Easy capture of variable charges (meter readings for electricity, water) using the MultiServe APP

  • Tenant Portal for tenants to login anytime to create maintenance requests to reduce phone calls, check statement of accounts, view payment history

  • Manage Inventory, Purchasing, Accounting, Taxation processes

Industry focus:

Real estate, Property Management

Solution Details:

The MultiServe APP aims to simplify the Real Estate and Property Management business processes using Intelligent Enterprise technologies such as Machine Learning's Scene Text Recognition (STR)

  • Simplify Statement of Account using STR to capture the utilities consumption per unit

  • Electronically converts the photo image of water and electricity reading into machine encoded text

  • SAP Business One integration for posting and calculation the total cost per month

  • Enhance the tenant experience by using the Service Module that will allow them to create and track their maintenance requests anytime and anywhere using the improved mobility feature of this app

This app intends to automate the tedious and long process of getting and calculating the utilities consumption of lessor’s tenants.

Solution Technology

UI/UX Used: SAP UI5, Apache Cordova

Platform- SAP Cloud Platform

Machine Learning (Scene Text Recognition)

DB: SAP HANA, SAP Business One

Application dashboard:


Process Workflow:

Go-to-Market Strategy

Industry Focus: Property Management, Real Estate

Marketing Strategy:

  1. Digital Marketing

  2. Bi-monthly Workshop and/or Round table discussion

  3. Real Estate partners and organizations

Road Map

Further development include:

  • Continue and finish this project once we found a customer/user who would benefit from this app.

  • Make this app available in offline mode



Partner: APPTechnology Experts, Inc. SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign Partner

Country: Philippines

Team Name: APPTech Experts

Team Members:

  • Maribeth Baba

  • Nerissa Vizcarra

  • Leonard Cabillos

  • Chester Arellano

  • Mary Yarzo



When we started this last June 2019, we never thought it will have a great impact in our personal lives, especially in our careers. Although this project is still ongoing, we are already proud of it.

MultiServe APP is definitely close to our hearts since it is APPTech’s first ever Intelligent Enterprise entry in SEEDx. Who would’ve thought that we will be given a chance to create and have first hand experience with machine learning. We are beyond grateful to apply what we’ve learned from various trainings with SCP (SAP Cloud Platform) in this project.

Intelligent Enterprise may be vague for some, and we hope that once this project has been finished, this phrase will be easier to understand. Production is better than idea, right? We cannot stress this enough though, that both expertise and commitment are important to achieve digital success.

It is only with APPTech Experts where expertise meets commitment.


For more information about the development challenge, you may refer to the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2020.

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