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This Business Add-In (BAdI) enables you to filter appraisal documents according to various search criteria in

the form of overview lists from all existing appraisal documents.

The BAdI is called after the function module GET_LIST_XXL has been run.

This function is used in the administrator function. The administrator create variants to define certain

selection criteria according to which appraisal documents can be filtered.

Useful BADI to change appraisal documents list but I didnot find such function in administrator (Transaction PHAP_ADMIN).

Search on SCN and google didnot clear this problem. So the last helper is debugging.

For transaction PHAP_ADMIN used program RHHAP_APP_DOCUMENT_ADMIN

* ADMINISTRATOR - search appraisal documents
       user_mode                  = 'A'    " Administrator
*     S_SEL_CRITERIA             =
*     S_SEL_PARAMETER_HIDE       =
*     S_DOCUMENT_FILL            =
*     VIA_SELECTION_SCREEN       = 'X'

Parameter S_SEL_CRITERIA is commented. 

To turn on BADI GET_LIST_XXL you need to copy program to Z* and write BADI filter value. After that implementation of BADI will work.

Also the same situation in portal appraisal applications. In feeder class CL_HRHAP00_STARTPG_POWL the parameter sel_filter is commented.

* Call method to fetch the documents.
         CALL METHOD cl_hap_wd_start_page_ui=>document_get_list
*           sel_filter            =
             add_on_application    = lv_add_on_application

If somebody knows where SAP use BADI HRHAP00_GET_LIST_FLT by default, please write.

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