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Some time ago I wrote about how I appended "table" MBEW in S/4HANA (1511): https://blogs.sap.com/2016/07/11/appending-tables-in-s4hana-easy-mbew/

Today, I'm on a S/4HANA 1511 FPS01, and play arround with appending MARC.

I stumbled uppon the fact, that the append I created in SE11 has a CDS-like representation in AdT (Eclipse). And I can even edit it there (the field was formerly called zzmy_field1).

This migh be obvious to CDS old-timers, but it was a new and interesting fact for me, that's why I'm sharing in here.

(I'm not talking about the trouble/steps you have to do when appending tables that have proxy-objects assigned to them (Sap-Note 2242679) here. Maybe that's for another blog).


PS: As a secondary tag I have added the only one that actually contains something about "CDS" - not sure if that really fits.... I'm open for suggestions here!
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