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I recently wrote how I go about Appending MARA (adding custom fields) (in S/4HANA and elsewhere)- as this is kind of the prequel to this blog, you probably want to read it.


Now lets do something a little more complicated: Appending MBEW!

SE11, MBEW, Navigate to EMBEW, Append Structure….


Create an append, in it create an include with a dummy field.


Activate the include;

Activate the append.


But what is this? We get an error when activating the append!



Here’s the error:



In SE11 everything looks just fine: the table is active, our field is there:



But we had the error on activation, and we also can see that there’s a problem in the application e.g. when trying to call MEBW in SE16n, we get a dump:


So, what is to do now?


Note 2242679 kind of helps us on that topic, it tells us to create an EXTEND VIEW


But actually, I had to create as many as 4 extend views, just to get that 1 dummy field working (display it in SE16n) in MBEW:


extend view mbv_mbew_ext

extend view Mbv_Mbew_Basis

extend view mbv_mbew_case

extend view mbv_mbew


(I also noticed, that in the first two I had to give the tablename MBEW.[Fieldname], while in the last two just [Fieldname] worked ).



I did NOT have to use report NSDM_PROXY_SUBSTITUTION – after I created the 4 append-views, SE16n is working, and when checking MBEW in SE11 I get “No inconsistencies found” -> just like it should be.




This really was a lot of work to do, just to add one filed – on the positive side, I think it hepled my understaning of the CDS-paradigm and how it is used in the S/4HANA data model a little.


Smal sidenote:

For appending MARC you just need 1 extend view, but there you do utilize report NSDM_PROXY_SUBSTITUTION. Maybe I write more about that some other day.



Have you already appended some tables or structures, and found strange behavior? Let us know about it!




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