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Dear All


I am sharing an Overview to SAP Field Glass. It was required while working with SAP sourcing and procurement S/4 HANA integration with SAP Field Glass.

In blog, you will learn about Field Glass , Program, M.  It will help you to improve basic foundation. I would request you to read blog and required your comments and feedback to improve it.

Introduction to SAP Field Glass

SAP Field glass is a cloud-based, vendor management system (VMS) that helps organizations find, engage, and manage their external workforce and services procurement resources. SAP Field glass solutions enable us to deliver comprehensive, industry-leading service procurement solutions to our customers and are central to SAP´s overall cloud strategy.

SAP Field glass is a software to provide a cloud based VMS(Vendor Management System) to manage services procurement and external workforce management programs. After acquiring with SAP in 2014. it is now a subsidiary. it is developed in 21 languages and deployed in around 180 countries. For Service procurement, it has been rated a leader in the forester Wave service procurement in 2017.

What is Field Glass

SAP Field glass is VMS(Vendor Management System). VMS is a cloud based application that allows both buyer and supplier to keep a track of an external workforce management system. A VMS Centralizes supplier and worker data to provide visibility into transaction and enforce contract compliance, manage costs, manage risks ensure quality hires, create hiring practices and make better buying decisions.

The Program in SAP Field glass

It leads a program with combination of platform, people and processes that helps to create and maintain efficiency in function necessary for maintaining a business.

Process + People+ Platform = Program

Specific to SAP field glass, it governs the procurement and management of external workforce management. When any organization determine that they need a program to govern external worker procurement, they usually target one or more of the following five business driven objectives.

There are call the program responsibility 

1-Cost :-it should make ensures that worker should be procured with an agreement with supplier at the best rates.
2-Quality:- It should be set appropriate metrics and skills required while hiring a worker. This responsibility should be taken buy hiring manager. All matrix should be set for worker performance
3-Visibility:- All hiring activity should be transparent such as supplier costs and recruitment practices.
4-Efficiency:- All requirement should be completed with the top level of caliber of a worker and it should be processed with in time.
5-Complaince:- All policies to be ensured to labor practices ensures that suppliers and adhering to their contract.

The Program Duties

To Successfully achieve its external worker procurement objectives Program adopts nine functions

1- Worker Management
2- Supplier Management
3- Transaction Monitoring & Auditing
4- Spend & Rates Management
5- Quality & Continuous Improvement
6- Risk Mitigation
7- Change Management
8- Application Administration
9- End User Support

The Program Management Office(PMO)

PMO is a group or department that manages an organization external workforce management. The PMO is responsible not only for ensuring that processes and procedures are adhered to but also for the day to day operation of the program itself through the procurement and management workers.

But the PMO is also often responsible for the configuration, management and the first line or tier one support of the SAP field glass application.

The Managed Service provided (MSP)

MSP is third party vendor that helps manage the external workforce program. Companies that do not want to manage external labor procurement with an in house PMO would use an MSP to manage their program.

Conclusions:- SAP Field glass is an software to manage service procurement and manage external workforce and services procurement resources. It meets on company requirement if they want to user some external procurement activities.

Sources:-  SAP Help https://help.sap.com/viewer/product/SAP_FIELDGLASS_INTEGRATION/cloud/en-US


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