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The acquisition of Successfactors have created new opportunities for customers, and for Nakisa!. I do expect a sizable section of customers to continue to invest in on-premise solutions in the post-Successfactors world.

The current version of on-premise talent modules lacks many of the bell and whistles, (greater usability, better user interface, integration with social media, etc), which makes migrating to cloud / Successfactors very attractive.

I feel, this is where Nakisa can make a big difference in the market place and to the customers.

If Nakisa can invest in product extensions which provides many of the missing functionalities (currently seen in on-premise talent modules) it will become a huge winner.

For example:

In SAP E-Recruiting, the candidate experience is a pain point. The candidate has to click numerous buttons before they can submit their application. Nakisa can provide a better candidate UI that can sit neatly on top of the SAP ERC engine. They can provide a recruiter add-on, so that the recruiters can do-away with the delivered (A common complaint with the recruiters is, the application is not user friendly and intuitive).

In SAP Performance Management, Nakisa can provide an appraisal document which contains features such goal wizard, spell-check (a long standing request from SAP customers), which can sit neatly on top of the ECC engine, and use the same HCM PM tables that the delivered is using.

Solutions such as these are easy to develop and get to the market. Nakisa has a decent reputation for their usability and UI and they can bring these to the on-premise solutions. SAP customers love Nakisa and would easily embrace these product extensions.

Nakisa has done a great job in providing the extension to SAP Succession Planning module .. will they consider extending it to other talent modules? If they do, it is a win-win for every one.

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