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Welcome to my SAP Blogs…


Introduction:- We all SAP consultants are much familiar with the Price Determination Process of the SAP MM Module. 

The Pricing procedure may be defined as a process using which SAP determines the Pricing for a PO and etc., there are certain pricing conditions that exists, which are further assigned to Calculations Schemas. Then, these Calculation Schemas further performed the required Price Determination Functionalities. 


Today, I will discuss about one of the interesting observation, that I have recently made.


The standard system behavior of the SAP is that, while creating a PO, if we did not maintain the price at the Material Master Level, then we have to manually enter the pricing condition type “PBXX” which is assigned to the Calculation Schema and this Calculation Schema is further assigned to the “Determination of Pricing Conditions”.


Here, what I found is that in my case I am trying to post a “Consignment Type Material” (Mvt 411-K), whose price is not maintained at the Material Master Level, but a PIR was maintained with the price in it. The system allowing me to do the 103K & 105K effortlessly, but the following error is coming during the 411K (tp consgmt to own).


“Pipeline/Consignment movement posted without value.”


After starting troubleshooting, I found that the info-record that was manually created using ME11 shows the following thing along with the other details:-

Then, after further diagnosing the issue, the issue is clear that there might be some mistakes that has been done during the configuration of the “Calculation Schema”, and to my surprise, the main culprit of this issue lies there only.

Here you can clearly see that my procedure “RM0000” has been properly assigned with a blank purchase organization, by which it has been made the default “Price Determination Schema” for all my POs.

And then after further digging in, the main issue has came to light.

Someone has messed up the SAP standard “RM0000” pricing procedure and deleted all the pricing conditions and the reason behind this strange behavior of the system is because of the condition type “PB00” – Gross Price Automatic has not been present in the calculation schema.


The system should ideally fetch the price from the PIR, in the case of a consignment PO and it fetches that price using this “PB00” condition type, and in my case, this condition type is missing from the calculation schema.

After adding the condition type “PB00”, I have created one more Consignment PO with a new material, and the posting has been successfully done with perfectly working “MRKO” settlements.

And hence the issue has been successfully resolved.

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Blog Authored by:-

Er. Pratik Das

SAP Enthusiast.
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