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Story of a 'Requirement':

Till date we have used alternative BOMs, discussed over their selection, planning according to them and usage of them according to the lot size.

We have used various alternative selection procedures based on the MRP4 selection method (MARC-ALTSL). The selection methods are known, discussed over and over again and that is why I am skipping discussion on those selection methods as shown below:

What if the business needs multiple BOMs active with same validity area, and validity period. Even taking the production version route we cannot have production version selection (manually) in the sales order level. So we have had solutions like having this selection in planned order or production order level and components are planned by MRP after that.

In the PIR however, we can have this selection in the schedule line tab:

I was working already in an MTO variant configuration situation and this thing came up. The client needs a selection of production version in SO and in CIR level.

Sketching Down the Workaround:

Their main focus was on the BOM components and Routing operations.

We tried the concept of the good old object dependencies (selection conditions) we were using. Let me give an example, we have all the alternative components inside the BOM, had selection conditions defined, and had characteristics named 'Production Version', with the version numbers as the characteristic values.

So we can set the characteristics value in the SO or the CIR, accordingly the 'alternative' BOM and Routing was governed by that selection. This work around passed the test cases, MRP was planning accordingly too, controlled by the 'Production version selection in the SO or CIR'.


This solved our purpose and thus I tried to type it down here. But the thing is, what are the alternative work-arounds? It will be very helpful to get some inputs or other optimized solutions because this is requiring extra master data.

Best Regards,


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