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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hi All,


The main purpose of this document is, to describe the sequence of steps to be followed, to set up the Alternate Resource/Alternative Modes, in PPDS S/4 HANA 1709 System. This set up will facilitate the Production Planner, to select any Alternate Resource maintained in the Plant, if there is any problem in already scheduled Resource (or) if there is any Business requirement, to carry out the Production, on the Alternate Resource, with just one click (Simply Drag & Drop) Let us take a look of the below typical Case, where we have 2 more Resources in the Plant, (Which can produce the same Product, acts as the alternate Resource)

Plant: 1710
Finished Material: FERT3
Raw Materials: RM_TEST2 & RM_TEST3
Work Centers: MACHINE1 & MACHINE2

Master Data steps

Follow the below mentioned sequence of steps

Create Characteristics (T Code: CT04)

Create the Characteristics, to classify (or) group the Resource(s) of the similar/same parameters

Create a Class with Class Type: 019

For SAP GUI, use T Code: CL02

Assign the Characteristic created in the above step, to this Class

Create all the necessary PP Master Data

Material Master, Bill of Materials, Work Center, Routing & the Production Version, keeping in mind, the finished Product is planned in PPDS

Create the Material Master with MRP Type X0 & also, activate the Advanced Planning Tab
Create the BOM, for the Finished Product (There is no change in the ECC BOM Creation & PPDS)

Create the Work Center, with activated: Advanced Planning ( for SAP GUI, use T Code: CR01)

In the capacity Header Tab, maintain the APO Resource details

Assign this Class to the Work Center, in the Classification (for one or more Resources)

Go to the change mode of the Work Center (For SAP GUI, use T Code: CR02) Path: Create/change Work Center>>> Extras >>> Classification>> Maintain the Classification details, to have the Option of Alternate Resource

Follow the same steps for the second Resource: MCHINE2, in the Plant: 1710

Please keep it in mind, the Class is created & has the Validity before it is assigned to the Work Center/Routing validity Date.

Assign the Classification, in the Operation details of the Routing

Go to the change m ode of the Routing (For SAP GUI T Code: CA02) & assign the Class Path: Change Routing >>> More>> Extras>>> Classification>>> Operation

**Note: Once the ECC Master data is maintained, perform the update/maintenance of the same, in PPDS, with the proper sequence, to have the completely synchronization of the Master Data

To have quick check, Execute Display Production data Structure,
with T Code: /n/SAPAO/CURTO_SIMU

Transaction data

Create the Demand/Requirement

(For SAP GUI, T Code: MD61)
Create some demand for the FG Material: FERT3, in the Plant: 1710, for some Qty: Ex: 100 & sae.The same requirements can be viewed from the Stocks & Requirements List (as shown below)

Schedule MRP Runs ( Fiori App)

(For SAP GUI, use T Code: MD01N)
Run the MRP & Covert the Planned Order to Production Order

Results of the MRP Run, System created the Planned Order for the required Independent requirement Quantity.

Convert the Planned Order to the Production Order

Convert the Planned Order to the Production Order from the Stocks/Requirements List
(For SAP GUI T Code: MD04)

System will pick up the Resource/Work Center. Based on the Master data maintained for that Material( As per the Production Version)

Production Scheduling Board (Fiori App)

For SAP GUI, use the T Code : /n/SAPAPO/CDPS3
After the creation of the Production Order, need to Schedule the Production Order, using the Scheduling Board
As a Planner, now we look at the Production Order Details, in the Scheduling Board (Fiori App)

Let us perform the Alternate Resource Selection from the Production Scheduling Board

In the next screen, System will prompt, for the action, Click on Adopt, for the changes to get reflected

Then after this activity, the Production Order (1000355, is scheduled on the Alternate Resource: MACHINE 2, as shown below)

You can view the same in the Production Operation details, with the Alternate Resource


So, by this way, Production Planner can easily shift any of the Production Orders, in the Scheduling board, to the desired Resource, based on the Alternates maintained from the Master data & the all the necessary Data will get updated automatically, in that Production Order

Kindly advise, for any additions/ modification required, to make this document as the most useful.
Thanks & Regards: Raja Sekhara Reddy Bannuru
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