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In discrete or PP –PI Manufacturing, Generally the actual Dates are not allowed to be in future while doing confirmation in CO11N/COR6N.

But with the configuration of confirmation parameters for order type in OPK4/OPK4N and selecting the check box Dates in Future,  we can achieve the same as from F1 help for the same says:

Allow actual dates in the future

Determines whether dates in the future can be used in a confirmation.

If the indicator is not set, you cannot make any confirmations using dates in the future. If you try to do so, the system issues an error message.

But in Repetitive manufacturing in T code MFBF/MF42N system allows you to confirm in Today’s + N date (where N can be 1,2 3, etc depending upon the days in period) with the same/Current period by which  inventory reports in SAP may differ from the actual stock positions, You can only do inventory movements only  in two periods current and previous one provided the back posting allowed in MMRV.

This can be prevented by implementing  BAdi- RM_BFLUSH_GOODSMVT with Interface IF_EX_RM_BFLUSH_GOODSMVT in method MODIFY_GOODSMVT_BEFORE_DIALOG



IF POSTING DATE  > system date
BUDAT > SYS- DATUM , system should give error message

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