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Based on practical experiences I can say that Agility approach will benefit a lot in transformation program of HR administration into integrated system. And this time not the enablement of creativity will be the main benefit. This time the learnability will profit by iterative approach: learning of the team by “hands-on” exercises will enable changes caused by discovering of new possibilities and not very formalized aspects of legacy system as well as bad quality of migrated data.

Simply put: instead of  investing a lot of time and money in scrupulously efforts to describe the to-be in blueprint with view on inevitable changes that may destabilize project schedule get the changes as the drive of the project and call them A.S.A.P. That means lean blueprint and first prototypes in paralell of the main components.

Transformation of HR Administration I define not only in scope of HR-PA implementation but also the wide aspect of realization (automation) of all aspects of employees in SAP or/and integration and providing all other back office and front office systems with adequate subset of personal data. By the way: still many organizations have a lot to do in this area.

I see a lot of possibilities to use ASAP Agile as effective method on SAP Projects like I wrote in:

AGILE for SAP implementation? Yes of course!

I am very interested in your opinion.

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