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On the links below, you will find valuable information about the "Tenant Refresh". We highly recommend you to read this thoroughly:




The copying time between “tenants” may take up to 8 hours, but if your source system has many records, this will probably take much longer.

Below you can find the steps to copy scenario “C4C Production” to “C4C Test” with data.

Once the copying process from “Tenant PRD” to “Tenant Test” is confirmed, please make sure you do the following:

  1. Validate “Communication System” and “General-Host Name” on the “System Instances” tab. Please make sure columns are modified according to your initial configuration and remember that this has been copied from “Tenant PRD”.

  2. On "Communication Arrangements", the User ID and Password should also be modified. Please replace them for the ones you had before and validate each one.

  3. If you created "Communication Scenarios" from the user interface and these are associated with "Communication Arrangements" (which contains "web services Z"), then you will have to delete the associated communication agreement and add all the "web services" that you had before. All new the “web services Z” that you add again will have the correct solution ID. In case you do not do this, you get an error similar to this: “error / DOC / MBCA 046”. If so, please refer to the following link for further references: https://launchpad.support.sap.com/#/solutions/notesv2/?q=2893556 (user and password are needed for detailed information).

  4. All User IDs you had before will be deleted. If the user “ADMINISTRATORPRD” exists in “PRD”, that user will now exist in “TEST”. You can access using the same password.

  5. Please make sure you revalidate the all integrations with your external systems. It is very important to confirm that everything is syncing correctly.

  6. Please make sure all the social networks integrations are disabled, in case there are any. Given that PRD settings will now be configured in "Tenant TEST", it is recommended to configure only those that belong to the TEST environment.

  7. Please deactivate all SMS configurations and configure the ones corresponding to "Tenant TEST".

On “SDK”:

  1. Please make sure that everything is correct and remember that it is not recommended to use "hard-code" because the code contained on the copy will now appear as it was in PRD.

  2. It is very likely that you will create a patch in the new TEST solution. Therefore, if you had “Business Objects” created, all the data will be deleted.


Additional comments

In case you’ve had incidents on the “Tenant Test”, these will no longer be seen.

This is a summary of my experience requesting "Tenant Refresh". If you consider there’s any information missing or something needs to be corrected, please feel free to mention it below, so we all work close in cooperation.
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