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1 Warning

This documentation was written to link D35 CLNT 200 (ABAP stack) to DJ1 (JAVA STACK hosted in sapdj1.fr.rm.corp.local System number 01).

2 Creation of user ADS_AGENT in ABAP stack

type : service

Roles :



Transaction SU01 :

3 Creation of user ADSUSER in JAVA stack

In visual admin tool:

In visual Admin Tool:

Or in NWA:

The ADSUSER must be a technical user:

4 Creation of RFC destination in ABAP stack

Transaction SM59 :

N° service is 5<SN>00 where <SN> is the system number of JAVA STACK.

5 Activation of web services in ABAP STACK :

Transaction SICF :

Service name FP (sap/bc/fp) and FPADS (sap/bc/fpads).

6 Creation of http DESTINATION in JAVA STACK

Warning: the name MUST BE FP_ICF_DATA_<SID>!!! Where <SID> is the SID of the ABAP STACK.

Or in NWA:

7 Check FP_TEST_00 in ABAP stack

SE38 : ABAP FP_TEST_00 :

Click on print preview and if it is ok, you have :

Else you have an error message.

8 Check RFC connection from ABAP stack to JAVA stack


If it is ok, you have:

Else you have an error message and it means that you have some trouble in RFC connection in ABAP stack (check point 3).

9 Check the destination service in ABAP stack



First time, you launch it without the selecting option “With destination Service”:

It calls the java stack to generate the form but didn’t send back the form, it just gives the size of the form:

Second time, you launch it with the selecting option “With destination Service”:

If it is ok, you have quite the same message (the size can be different)

Else you have an error message and you have to check task 4 and 5.

10 Annexes

Configuration guide on sap help

OSS note 944221 Trouble shooting

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