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Hello ERP Financials, SAP ERP Financials  - Asset Accounting and SAP ERP Financials - Controlling Community

I would like to present a short knowledge article in the backdrop of legal requirements / one of the SAP limitations. This requirement might be there in many other countries, however, I have faced this during Indian implementations / rollouts

During Audit, the companies are required to provide a detail of the fixed assets acquired during the current fiscal year in a designated format. The details requested are quite logical like

  - Fixed asset no

  - Description

  - Type of asset (represented by asset class in SAP)

  - Date of acquisition

  - Date of capitalization

  - Purchased from (Vendor)

  - etc

Almost all this information is captured either in the asset master or in the transaction. One can juggle around SAP tables and download the information into excel. However, that involves manual work.

One limitation that crops up here is that asset master shows the Vendor from whom the asset is acquired. However, it shows only the 1st Vendor from whom the asset is acquired. If there are subsequent additions from different vendor OR the asset is acquired at the same time from two different vendors, this poses a challenge. Hence, to overcome this limitation and to automate the process of data extraction, I would like to present an approach (with sample code), attached along with this document

One can extend the code as needed. Hope this document helps and people dont have to reinvent the whole wheel again!!

Br, Ajay Maheshwari

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