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Today I tried to create a 'New' material with material type 'ROH' and after entering all information in MM01. When I tick 'Batch Management Indicator' in either purchasing or plant/storage view, I got 'display errors' which reads 'Batch management may not be defined for value only materials'. :???:

I searched all over google and SCN and unable to find a solution. May be I missed somewhere.. :mad:

After too much head breaking, I found that in OMS2 details for material type ROH in  Quantity/Value updating subscreen, 'By Valuation area' were selected for both Quantity and value as shown in the screen shot...

but for my plant both quantity and value updates were checked for this material type. :shock:

Finally after selecting radio Button 'In all valuation areas' for both Quantity and Value, I'm able to create a new material with Batch management active.. :lol:

I never encountered an issue or use with the above setting... ℹ

So I just thought of sharing with you all...

IF you found any other usage of this setting please share... 



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