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In this Blog post we will describe How to activate approvals for credit limit change in BP screen , in most business cases customers needs to apply approval if any user increased the credit limit, this function will allow the financial manager to check and review the credit limit before affects in the BP and allow him to approve or reject the limit requested


To be able to activate this function you should first make sure that the Workflow user  : SAP_WFRT is active and have the required standard authorizations

Configuration Steps

Step 1: Define Events and Follow-On Processes ( in this steps we will add the trigger point to start workflow ) 

Go to > Financial Supply Chain Management Credit Management Credit Risk Monitoring Processes Define Events and Follow-On Processes

Step 2: On the Change View “ Events“: Overview screen, select New Entries and enter the following:


Type of Event





Step 3: Maintain Follow-On Processes per Event.

Select the event and go to Follow on processes > choose New Entries button and maintain the processes


Type of Event

Follow-On process 1




The Result

Go to BP > in change mode choose role : UKM000 Sap Credit Management > increase the credit limit for the customer

We will change the limit from 5000 to 6000, you will see that the new line appear in BP screen with the value requested, the requested date and the requested value

the requested value " 6000 " did not affect in the limit defined and waiting the authorized person to reject or approve

if the authorized person approve the new requested limit then the limit defined will be increased from 5000 to 6000

if the authorized person reject the new requested limit then the limit defined will not change

you can use the authorization object : F_UKM_SGMT to give an access to financial manager for example and tick on release, and remove it from any other users

so the authorized user only can release the limit request.

in our case we will release the credit limit request, once you click on release bottom the credit limit will changed then click Save


by following the above steps you can activate approvals for credit limit change in business partner screen with simple configurations

if you have any questions let me know in the comment box

Thanks & Regards
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