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The current limit of the MIGO Serial number screen is to accept Serial numbers in a batch of 6. This makes it difficult and incurs time to receive goods more than 6.


The functionality should allow the user performing Goods Receipt to select any number of serial numbers from the excel sheet and use the functionality of clipboard to paste the same instead of keying in each serial number one by one.


Include: LMIGODS3

Step1: created an implicit enhancement ZMIGO_SERIAL_NUM for the method tableview_serial_cursor .

Attached the clipboard functionality to the ENTER command

Step2: Get the cursor field to determine where the enter in pressed.

Step3: Use the clipboard method to get the data.

Step4: Update the structure.

Step5: Clear the clipboard.

Go to transaction MIGO

Open a purchase order

Copy some serial numbers from excel, place the cursor on the row and paste them by pressing ENTER.

Now we can enter as many as serial numbers directly without scrolling down.

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