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When you use SSCUI Automatic Account Determination(SSCUI 100297) to configure for translation key 0P1 and 0P2, they cannot be accessed with the following path:

Area: Sourcing and Procurement

Transaction Key: 0P1 (and 0P2)

Chart of Accounts: YCOA

The system post the following error message:

"The combination of transaction key and chart of accounts is not valid."

The reason of this issue is:

The settlement documents that are created in settlement runs for purchasing rebate condition contracts can be configured very flexibly. And flexibility is also the objective for the account determination.

So in the pricing settings for the settlement document we specified that the rebate calculation shall happen in pricing procedures defined for application M Purchasing. Accordingly, account keys 0P1 and 0P2 that are used in these pricing procedures have to be defined for application M Purchasing as well. However, for the account determination of the rebate calculation we specified in the settlement document configuration that it shall be done for application V Sales/Distribution. The SD account determination based on the condition technique provides the required flexibility. Therefore, account keys 0P1 and 0P2 are also defined for application V Sales/Distribution and you perform the account assignment for these account keys on SD side.

Please refer to the following to define 0P1 and 0P2 for area Sales/Distribution:

*Account Key is same as Translation Key in this document

当您希望使用SSCUI自动科目确定 (SSCUI 100297) 配置科目代码0P1 0P2 对应的科目时,通过下列路径无法进行访问:


交易码:0P1(和 0P2

科目表: YCOA





在结算凭证的定价过程中,我们指定了为应用程序“采购(M)”定义的返利计算,因此在应用程序“采购(M)”中定义了科目代码0P1 0P2而基于条件技术, SD 科目确定可提供所需的灵活性,所以在采购返利结算凭证配置中指定,返利计算科目确定应在应用程序“销售/分配(V)”中完成。因此,也为应用程序 销售/分配(V) 定义了科目代码0P1 0P2,并在范围“销售”中定义这些科目代码的科目分配。

请参考以下内容为范围销售”定义 0P1 0P2


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