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Recently i have been encountered with new requirment in SCN Calculation of overtime on weekly basis and after details study i have been designed the process mapped in the system and finally got the requirement result. For this i have taken that sunday is the weekend day for the client.

Design Details:-

For this i have created four time types to design my process for storing time information.

9996-Will store the difference of 9997 & 9998

9997- Storing Planned Working time

9998- Storing Actual Working time

9999- Store difference hours for absence quota update

For this I have written total four PCR and kindly find the four below PCR details.

1. Storing Planned working time daily.

Every day planned working time will add to time type and cumulate upto Weekday=7.

2. Storing Actual working time.

Every day actual working time will add to time type and cumulate upto Weekday=7.

Now we have to place this above pcr in schema. We will place this two pcr just after the P2011 function in time schema.

3. In this PCR i will check the current day is Weekday=7 or not?

4. Update quota with time type.

Above PCR placing in schema.

Now testing:-

Planned working time 8.5 hours(09:00 am to 17:30pm) and employess has worked daily 9 am to 19:00 pm and where sunday os weekly off.

From 1st Sept2014 to 07th Sept 2014 employee's total working hours (6*10)= 60 hours and total Planned working hours for week (6*8.5)=51 hours. So 8.5 hours will be moved to quota and rest 0.5 will add to actula working hours of next week details.

On 6th September 2014, cumulate hours details of SALDO table.

On 7th September 2014, day quota updated in Ttyp9999 and this will link with absence quota(ZES table details)

Remaining 0.5 hours will add to Ttyp 9998 to next week.(SALDO table details of 7th September).

Hope so all of you have got an idea and understand of the process design. If you have any doubt feel free to write or comment your valuable input on this document details.



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