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After getting a chance to use Apache Guacamole recently, I just realize there're so many different ways to remote log on to SAP GUI besides VPN. Not very UI-friendly, in another word, a very uncomfortable experience. I don't know whether I lack some basic knowledge about Guacamole that everyone should know or indeed it has such limitations.

Here list of some of my finding that hopes it could help those who first touch with Guacamole. Please kindly let me know if you have a better approach to improving the remote experience at Guacamole.

1.Display setting& Resolution

I don't have administrator authority and no idea why the server has such a high screen resolution maybe 2K or even higher which makes everything looks so small. Control+Scroll up/down may work for very limited places only. The same for the ZOOM function at Google Chrome. And the screen resolution can't be changed on the remote side either~

Here one option is 'Advanced Scaling settings', input a suitable number like 116 as the scaling size, and you'll get below indicating 'A custom scale factor is set'. Log out is required and may need to try several times to make it work~ Even with this setting, the screen is blurred, as shrouded in fog.


2.Copy&paste using Control+C &Control + V

This simple copy&past doesn't work which is really very annoying! I could say it'll work less than 50% definitely. For example, go to SE11 with MARA table, control Y selects a few fields then control C, and guess what'll happen~ A map full of arrows with sequence numbers shown, maybe it has some special purpose but I couldn't figure it out right now.

The GUI setting is restored with the default setting already, Copy &Past at SE38 editor is also a nightmare. The same for the "Quick cut and past", I don't know what I have copied and what will be pasted~ sometime it works, sometimes not. The alternative option here is replacing the keyboard mapping of Copy with "Control+F1" instead of "Control+C" which is an Anti-user experience of-course, haha~

3. File exchange between Local and Remote

The file transfer from the Local to the remote side will be stored in a network folder on the remote side which can be seen in File Explorer at the root. Copy text locally and pasting at the remote side is workable, but not in reverse. Even the text couldn't be copied from the remote to the local side~ I have to say this is a really high-protection security level from an administrative point of view.

Besides, Alt+ Tab can't be used between local and remote for sure. And better select 'Never' for the <Combine taskbar buttons> on the remote side, you'll find out.



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