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Hello all,

Recently we discussed with one of friend about  ABAP CRUD operations on dynamic tables. The idea is the following, there should be one report to enable user to insert table name (any table name exists in the system ) and report should do the CRUD operation accordingly.


Disclaimer: Report shouldn't be used in production system and it can't be used with tables under SAP namespace.


For this purpose, I developed the below report with following selection screen:

As it can be seen, there are two processing blogs:

  • First, input the table name and user can download table structure, view recodrs in ALV format or download the table records into Excel file.

  • Second, it is more about creating, updating and deleting the table records from Excel file.

Here is the Excel file format:

Table Name Column 1 Column 2 Column 3

and here is how user can fill it properly:

 ZFILE_TEST  Sherlock Holmes  London Baker street 

Below I am sharing the GitHub link for complete logic overview, I hope you will find it interesting.

In case any improvements or feedback, feel free to share your thoughts.

GitHub link:

CRUD operations on dynamic table



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