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Hi All,

This is my very first blog in the Forum and initially I was bit hesitant to put a blog but logging in to forum and understanding the rules of forum has given me confidence to share my part in forum.

For the Italian tax report  S_ALR_87012357 normally a lot of us face issue with the page automation, where the correct page number is not updated in the table RFUMSV00_BAL_IT and we need to sometimes do it manually also from the table which is not a best practice.

I know there may be several threads on this topic in the forum already but with this blog I want provide a staraight forward approach to how to deal with this issue when it comes.

Please use this information when it works for you and give me feedback for the betterment of my future efforts. I am open to the feedback.

When you run the report S_ALR_87012357, report 30 ends at page 51 for October Month.

Now, report 30 for November should start with page 52 and SAP should automatically do this.

So, go the report and run the report and select the parameters as per the requirement.

Now select the check box under Document numbering and give the report number under the Posting Parameters.

Now select "Execute and Print" or "Execute in Background", rather than just "Execute".

Now you can see that the report 30 starts with page 52 and ends with page number 53.

After this when you run the report for Dec, the report 30 will automatically start with page number 54. So you can create a variant of your own and include the page number check box setting so that it happens for you automatically and no manual effort would be required after this to change the page numbers.

The page numbering in the RFUMSV00 for Italy is based on the assumption that it is run once per calendar month, with the selected posting date ranging between the first and the last day of the month. The BAdI-implementation for Italy, RFIDIT_TAX_BADI_010, reads the month from the lower value of the selected posting period. It then reads the last page number from table RFUMSV00_BAL_IT for the previous calendar month, continues incrementing it, and then saves the last page number of this run to table RFUMSV00_BAL_IT. Therefore, if we select over a posting period larger than one calendar month, we must select "NO" in the following pop-up in order to indicate that this is just a test run. If we select "YES", we will save the wrong page number to the data base table. We can, however, correct the last page number in the data base table, either by rerunning the report for the correct reporting period, or manually via transaction se16. In order to run report RFUMSV00 for Italy, select "Execute and Print" or "Execute in Background", rather than just "Execute".

Hope this helps.  Kindly provide feedback for improvement in future.