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There’s a standard pricing analysis tool, report RV61A_ANALYSEREPORTS_PRICING or transaction code PRCAT, hidden… but available to be used.

Let’s have an overview to the most interesting options, last three ones.

RV61A GETFORMULAS is useful to get conditions and formulas a sales document used. We can use restrictions (customized formulas / all formulas,
used conditions / all in pricing procedure, with / without subtotals).

Document number entry must be filled with leading zeroes. Once run we have similar info as when checking document’s pricing procedure

Selecting all conditions we’ll get actual conditions defined in the pricing procedure the document is using.

Columns KOBED, KOFRM and KOFRA show routines from VOFM. As a reminder,

In KOBED we have pricing requirements routines LV61Annn and RV61Annn

In KOFRM we have condition value formulas FV64Annn and RV64Annn

In KOFRA we have condition base value routines FV63Annn and RV63Annn

Once we know what routines our document used, we can move to next option...

RV61A USEREXITS and Formulas / conditions defined in VOFM

In this option we can see, in 2 different tabs, active / inactive user exits, with their coding, and formulas / conditions defined in VOFM.



We can select copy requirements, data transfer, requirements and formulas.

In GETFORMULAS previous screenshot example we saw following info:

- in column KOBED (pricing requirements)  routines 2, 9 and 10.

- In column KOFRM (condition value formulas) routines 14, 18 and 48

- In column KOFRA (condition base value) routine 16

Then in order to see what coding was used we would select

And then chose evaluate all conditions and formulas in next screen (there’s a problem with input format and this option seems the only one working) and execute to display source code:

In this case, I've select price requirement routine 2

User exits

Select the ones you want to check, and in next screen you’ll see which ones are active / inactive. Select and execute to see the source code. For example user exit RV61AFZA form userexit_pricing_rule which is inactive (0 lines active):

Last option is also interesting...

RV61A compare KONV, T683S and T685A.

This is a comparison among tables KONV (conditions), T683S (pricing procedure data) and T685A (additional price elements).

When running this option, SAP will display differences found between the document price procedure used when creating the document and actual pricing procedure,  showing the differences found.

The following fields are checked:

KSTAT statistical condition, KVSL1 Account key, KVSL2 Accrual account key, KDUPL Struct. Condition,

KFKIV Intercompany billing, KGRPE Group condition, KNTYP Condition category, KOAID Condition class,

KOUPD Condition update, KRECH Calculation type, KRELI Invoice type condition, KRUEK Accruals,

KTREL Rel. for acct assigt, KVARC Variant condition, KZBZG Scale basis, MDLFG Matrix maintenance

Unfortunately it is not checked if a condition existing in the sales document is not anymore in the actual pricing procedure (fortunately it is easy to find out).





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