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A bug in transaction code QAC2 of SAP QM module?



The transaction code QAC2 in the SAP QM module can be used to transfer the quality inspection inventory bound on the inspection batch. I recently found a puzzling bug in the transaction code on the project, and wrote this blog to record it.


Below inspection lot,


The storage location of the QI stock of this inspection lot is 0002. Suppose that business team need to transfer the QI stock to storage location 1000. 


Now we can execute the transaction code QAC2 to transfer this inspection lot.


First we input the storage location as 0001 (it is a wrong storage location)



Click Enter key,


We found that we made a mistake when data entry, the correct storage location should be 1000. So I changed the storage location as 1000, see below screenshot:



Click Enter key again,



SAP pop up error messageDeficit of SL Stck.in qual.insp 1,500- EA : 000000000000000755 NMDC 0002



As a result, this QAC2 transaction code cannot be posted this time. In other words, if you want to transfer the inventory in the inspection lot to the 1000 storage location, we can need to exit the current QAC2 transaction code screen first, then execute QAC2 transaction code again, change the destination storage location to 1000, and then we can save it successfully.



If you enter the wrong transaction location in the transaction QAC2, once you click the Enter key, then SAP system cannot post this transaction successfully even if we input the correct storage location later.



As we known that the screen of many other transaction codes in SAP system are very flexible. It is also a common phenomenon for business personnel to manually enter errors before posting, that is, enter the wrong data and press enter. Business personnel can also re-enter relevant data and save it. The transaction code QAC2 can't play like this. I think this is the bug of transaction code QAC2 in SAP.



Do you think so?






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