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This document explains 8 important steps to automate batch determination in the delivery on the basis of SLED.



The concept of Batch determination on the basis of SLED is primarily used in the industry with perishable goods. For example – Food and beverage industry, Pharmaceutical industry. It is vital for the company that stocks approaching their expiration dates should be delivered first.


Where to Configure:

Before explaining “what” to configure, let me show you “where” to do the entire configuration:

Batch management works on condition technique –

Menu path: SPRO >Logistics General >Batch management > Batch determination and Batch check.

8 Steps to Automate Batch Determination in Delivery.


STEP # 1: Strategy type:

In this step, you define strategy types for batch determination in Sales and Distribution. The function of search strategy is to search the relevant batches while creating Deliveries.

A search strategy assigned with a selection class uses the shelf life expiration date as search criterion during batch determination.

To be able to define strategy types, you must have defined the necessary access sequences.

Here you also assign Class Type 023 and Sort sequence - sort expiration, which is shown step 4 and 5


STEP # 2:  Batch search procedure:

In this step, you define search procedures for batch determination in Sales and Distribution and assign strategy type.


STEP # 3: Batch Search Procedure Allocation and Check Activation:

In this step you assign relevant sales area to document type and check activate the batch check.

If a delivery is used without reference to a sales order, you must have done the following in order to execute batch determination:

  • Defined the default order type for the delivery type (Logistics Execution -> Shipping -> Deliveries -> Define Delivery Types)

  • Assigned the default order type to a batch search procedure


STEP # 4 - Activate Automatic Batch Determination in SD:

In this step you activate delivery item categories for which you want batch determination to be triggered automatically.


STEP # 5 – Selection class:

In this step, you define selection classes 023 and maintain Characteristics as LOBM_VFDAT, LOBM_RLZ and LOBM_LFDAT


STEP # 6: Define Sort Rules:

In this step, you define sort rules.  With the help of sort rules, you define according to which criteria, that is using which characteristics batches are to be sorted.


STEP # 7 – Master data:

In this step you assign class – 023 in the classification tab of material master

You also need to activate BATCH MANAGEMENT in Sales: General/Plant tab of material master


STEP # 8 – Condition records:

In this step you have to maintain relevant condition records for the materials

While creating condition records please maintain the days under which batches should be picked