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Here are 5 small tips and tricks you might not know the SAP Business One core client could do, that will help with your day to day productivity.


1. Multi-select checkboxes in Grids

We all know that if a Grid contains checkboxes and there are Select All/None buttons next to them that you can add checkmarks to all/none of them. In cases where there are no buttons, you might know the trick of clicking the column header for the same effect... But what if none of those two methods are implemented by the developer in say a Custom Add-on? Well, there is a 3rd and in my opinion more flexible way that works no matter if the developer thought the scenario or not. Below video shows that option


2. Copy from above/below line

This trick will show you how you can copy data between lines in the video below


3. Copy Exchange Rates

The video below shows you can copy entire lines of exchange rate data


4. Close all windows quickly

If you like me often end up with way too many open windows, here is an easy way to close them.


5. Explore your Keyboard Shortcuts

Using Keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse is often more efficient so here is a sample of some of the shortcuts + how to begin the journey to learning them


Please share your tips and tricks in the comments below...
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