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SAP Business One is an affordable, enterprise-ready and intelligent ERP that we love to own.  We are also familiar with the few amazing benefits that it offers like it streamlines business processes, helps in production, scheduling and sales activities, uncover great insights into your business and drive profitable growth. But, there are other amazing features in SAP Business One too that we may not be familiar about.

Let’s talk about those hidden gems in SAP Business One that has won the heart of millions of users.

Instant Message Application

Ever wanted to send a message to user but don't know their email address or phone number? SAP Business One feature sends a message to SAP Business One users much like an instant messenger application.  With this amazing feature, you can see a list of users that you would like to connect with. You can converse with them, share some documents using the share button and share information easily.  

Shortcuts Functions

Many business owners or users might not be aware of this function that you can add shortcuts as well with this ERP solution. Just like other applications in the market, this software also facilitates you to add your own shortcuts.  This allows you to conveniently access important functions and see a list of options. You can set the functions for prompt actions like sales order, or purchase order. This is very useful if you want to scan information easily while reducing the number of clicks.

Alternative Keyboard Usage  

Are you used to use the shortcuts? Well, the good news hold for all shortcuts lover who wants to save their time and act smartly. SAP Business One has some amazing shortcuts “Ctrl + P” for printing the current document, Ctrl + Z for undo options, Ctrl + X for cut option, Ctrl + Shift + U to view user-defined fields, Ctrl + right arrow to view the next document or record and Ctrl + J for displaying transaction journal and so on.  Further, this functionality facilitates the data entry operations.

Easy to change the name of business models  

Another great update that SAP has introduced is the drawer of accounts. You can rename the drawers under which you want to add or change names. Like, under the assets tab you can enter a name and change it without any hassle. This functionality is a great alternative to alter the name of business models with speed and accuracy,  

Allows you to change the sequence of items within sales quotation and BOMs

This feature enables users to move line items around a list of the raw materials, sub-components, parts, and the quantities. SAP Business One allows you to change the sequence of items within sales quotation and BOMs. You can easily select the items you want to move and choose.  For bills of materials, it becomes easy to structure the list in an organized manner.

This would mean indicating them assembled, placed and moved onto the warehouse. You can also use the arrows and move items and alter it as required. Once you click and validate it, the software will save the list in the new order. Likewise, under ‘BOM’ you can highlight and mention items using the arrows keys.     

These were few of the fantastic feature that SAP Business One holds. Simplifying lives of many professionals and business users, SAP Business One has paved a great path of innovation and continuously improving to enrich the lives of millions in different ways.


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