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There are many definitions of Champion available on google, but the one which resonates with me the most is the one written by "nmglover" on Urban DictionarySomeone who commits an act of the following: extreme courage, extreme awesomeness, or extreme stupidity; one who is worthy of positive recognition for such an act. 

Are you on your journey to be a Champion? Or are you stuck mid-way and need guidance? Or are you a Champion already and want to know how to keep up with it? 

The 3 Ls in the subject line are intentional. In this blog article I will talk about 3 L skills which have helped me excel in my life, both personal and professional. I can almost promise, if you learn these skills, you will thrive too and be a strong Champion!

Champion skiLLLs

Skillful Listener 

Do not listen to reply, but listen to absorb. The chords in our brain are programed to respond promptly when we hear something familiar. It is time for us to retune those chords. When someone is talking, listen to them to understand what the rationale behind their conversation is. We have all been in situations where our words have not represented our thoughts correctly. So, let’s try to give others that benefit of doubt too when they are talking. 

Let me tell you a personal story - I was recently in a 1:1 conversation with a business leader where she was complaining about how the SAP system is misbehaving with her. I listened to her carefully for about 15 minutes where she mentioned things like system is too slow, it takes her hours to complete one Order to Cash transaction (including revenue), she is exhausted etc. When she was at a logical pause, I acknowledged her concerns, I empathized with her situation, and then proposed a solution – Fiori. Her real issue was not the SAP system behavior or the “tedious” O2C transaction, it was toggling back and forth between multiple screens which lead to her frustration. Adding all O2C transactions in one Fiori app did the trick for her. She is a happy camper now. If you look back at the last 3 sentences, key to handling this situation was 

  • Acknowledgement

  • Empathy

  • Solutioning

These are critical traits of a Skillful Listener. They are easy to practice and learn. Once you have mastered them, there is no stopping you from being a Successful Champion!

Skillful Leader 

We are all leaders in in our own right. What differentiates successful leaders from others is, successful leaders know what their leadership quality is and they channel it in the right direction. Leadership is not one dimensional. It can be used in many ways – 

  • Leadership at work 

  • Leadership in mentoring others

  • Leadership in making connections and sharing knowledge

  • Leadership in being influential and helping others

Sit down quietly in your happy place today and identify your leadership quality/qualities. Once you have the list ready, next to it write down what you can do to hone & channel your qualities. This way you can help yourself and others around you grow and be winners. In my opinion, this is called being a Skillful Leader. Comment below on your leadership experiences and lets chat. 

Skillful Learner 

When you learn, you conquer! For those who know me, I always encourage Learning. Learning should be a habit which comes naturally to you. Skillful Learning is an art. We know our art dwells when we are passionate about it, when we practice it and when we apply it in the right manner. Same goes with learning; You know you are a Skillful Learner when you love learning, when you rehearse it every day and when you use it to make yourself and others triumph. Learning can be of any form -

  • Learning to be market leaders in the industry you work in

  • Learning to be the most efficient version of yourself 

  • Learning to grow your personality 

  • Learning to be a successful champion

True story about I continue to skillfully learn every day and rediscover myself:  I have a bachelor's degree in Information Technology and a certification in Marketing Management, majoring in Social Media from UCLA. Blogging, social media, connecting with the community are hidden passions in me. For the last 10 years I was focused on shaping my career in IT where my social media skills had taken a back seat. Towards the end of last year there were 2 thoughts playing seesaw in my mind – 


  1. Do I really want the social media fire in me to settle down

  2. How can I express gratitude to my SAP family who have helped me so much in my professional journey

That is when the light bulb over my head went on – why don't I use SAP Community to marry both my thoughts? It was an awesome Idea!!! 

As of Nov 2021, I started using SAP Community to blog, ask and answer questions, and connect with people via coffee conversations. I also joined ASUG as a chapter volunteer. Both, SAP Community & ASUG, helped me reconnect with social media and gave me a platform to express my gratitude towards the SAP world. Via these channels, I help, I mentor, I partner and most importantly I continue to learn. 

Give these skiLLLs a shot and let me know how they plan out for you. I am eager to listen to your thoughts and experiences. Thank you & Stay Safe!
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