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In the world of digital marketing, one of the catch phrases you will regularly come across is 'Content is King'. In short, this means that companies creating great marketing content such as relevant literature, product videos, whitepapers, fact sheets and case studies, essentially stand out from the rest.

"Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action’’

The key here is relevancy - producing content is easily done, however, the challenge is to get the relevancy right with your target audience and offer them something of value.

A Good example of this is by DEM Machines, A SAP Business One partner based in Ireland & UK who have been busy posting regular news items, customer success case studies and industry opinion. The advantage of posting regular, relevant content not only increases your company's reach over the internet but also adds a level of authority as prospects research your offering.

DEM Machines' target audience is the Food, Beverage and Meat industry, therefore, the content they produce is based on what their prospects may be searching for online through Google and other search engines.

Similarly, Produmex, a global provider of distribution and manufacturing solutions for SAP Business One, has been publishing great content for their target audience. In addition to white papers and product brochures, Produmex has been leveraging video to connect with their customers and target market. According to Hubspot, 65% of executives visit a marketer's website and 39% call a vendor after viewing a video, therefore, video content should be key to a brand's digital strategy.

Email Marketing has emerged as a cost-effective and quick way to reach out to your subscribers, leads and contacts. Email marketing can be relatively easy to set up and with platforms such as MailChimp operating a 'drag and drop' functionality to create emails, it's a clear favourite for SME's - MailChimp provides email marketing for more than 15 million people globally. Boyum IT Solutions is a good example of a SAP Business One partner applying email marketing to reach to their followers.

Above is the most recent email I received from Boyum IT, advertising upcoming webinars, access to previous webinar recordings and latest product information. It's important in emails that CTA's (Call to action) are included to capture lead data or drive them towards a specific goal. In this case, register for the upcoming webinar is the most prominent. It's no wonder, Boyum IT have recently won Industry Partner of the year at the recent SAP SMB Innovation Summit.

Kudos, Boyum IT.


The fact that when digital content gets shared online, in turn, creates referrals and recommendations, means it should be key to SAP Partners marketing strategy. The above digital content are prime examples of how great content is nurturing leads and driving sales for SAP Business One.

To stay connected and get the latest digital content, feel free to follow DEM Machines, Produmex and Boyum IT on Twitter here:

 DEM Machines


 Boyum IT
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