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If you are implementing Basic ATP on SAP S/4 HANA, you might be unclear about what is or is not in scope of this item.  The goal of this blog post is to share my experience reviewing and implementing the 2LN – Basic ATP Best Practice scope item, and hopefully demystify this topic for other SAP Order-To-Cash enthusiasts.


What is Basic ATP in SAP S/4 HANA (written as of 1909 On-Premise edition)?

  • If you are experienced with SAP ECC, then you may consider that Basic ATP is essentially the same animal as classic ATP functionality in SAP ECC. This means that all standard ATP configuration (SPRO > Sales and Distribution > Basic Functions > Availability Check and Transfer of Requirements) and Master Data setup relevant for ATP checks (i.e. Availability Checking Group on the Material Master, Scope of Check, Requirements Classes, MRP Types, etc.) remain unchanged and are required.

  • Classic Product Allocation exists using Logical Information System (LIS) and its corresponding information structures.

  • Backorder Processing and Rescheduling continue to be handled through the “classic” transaction codes but are also available using Fiori apps as follows:

    • Execute Rescheduling app (Fiori App ID: V_V2, Tcode: V_V2) – Re-confirm and re-prioritize Sales Orders en masse in foreground or background mode.

    • Backorder Processing: Selection List (Fiori App ID: V_RA, Tcode: V_RA) – List all backorders and manually reschedule selected orders as needed. This app also includes the Change Product Availability Confirmation (Tcode CO06) once you navigate into the Material/ Plant overview.

    • Monitor Rescheduling Result (Fiori App ID: V_R2, Tcode V_R2) – View and evaluate results of the last rescheduling run.

  • Basic ATP Backorder Processing and Rescheduling programs execute only for non-AATP materials. This means that the Availability Checking Group assigned to the material (Material Master > MRP3 view) should not be aATP enabled.

Screenshot of OVZ2 Av. Chk Group Config

If AATP materials are selected to be processed in the program run, the following error appears:

Rescheduling Error for AATP Materials


What does Basic ATP not include?

  • Basic ATP does not include any Advanced ATP functionality, such as Review Availability Check Screen, simplified Backorder Processing, Release for Delivery, etc. Contrary to what’s documented in the 2LN Basic ATP Best Practice Test Scripts (1809, 1909), Backorder Processing functionality which involves setting up BOP segments, BOP Variants, and Schedule BOP Run, is not available in Basic ATP.

  • Perhaps this was highlighted to the SAP Team, which is why the 2LN Basic ATP Best Practice Test Script (2020) includes only the Monitor Product Availability (CO09) steps.



If you are new to SAP and need to learn about Basic ATP Processing in S/4 HANA, rest assured that the classic ATP documentation is completely relevant.  Until SAP decides to offer AATP as a standard feature rather than a separate add-on, the scope of Basic ATP remains pretty much unchanged.  Please feel free to reach out if you have had a different experience!


Reference Links:

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  3. SAP Help for Standard ATP functionality: https://help.sap.com/viewer/7b24a64d9d0941bda1afa753263d9e39/1909.latest/en-US/b85df685081a4983b9a7f...

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